Friday, August 19, 2016

Scripture Case Finishes

I made a scripture case for my son maybe a year ago when his store-bought one totally disintegrated. It was a horrible mess. I went and looked at the features I love of various ones and created my own. It was sort of tricky but turned out so great! Fast forward and my other kids wanted one for their scriptures too. I finally made it happen this time and put it as a Q3 FAL goal to keep me motivated.

Here are all the scripture bags I made together. The blue is the oldest and the guinea pig of the bunch. The small one on the end is for my tiny girl who didn't want to be left out but doesn't have a whole set. I made all but the blue one in a day start to finish.

Here's the little bag for her pocket-size Book of Mormon. I just measured it and made it slightly bigger and added box pleats. She said I had to use "her" fabric to make it. Her name is Ruby and this line is called Little Ruby.

Here they are opened up. I love this 18" double zips for how easy they make it to get the scriptures in and out. I used a contrasting lining and handles to add some fun to these cases. I let each of the kids pick their own fabrics and I love how it lets their personalities shine. Bonus: these were all 100% stash!!

The zip itself wasn't long enough to go all the way around the bag so I added some fabric stops at the end to help reinforce the bottoms and hide the zip ends.

They are a hit and the kids can't wait to take them to church on Sunday and show their friends.
Thanks for stopping by! That's me for the week. I have a few projects in the works and hope to have another finish to share soon. Until then I'm linking up with TGIFF.