Monday, July 11, 2016

Third Quarter FAL Goals

I finished 9 of 14 goal items last quarter so I'm going for a 14-item list again! I know six of these will get finished and I'm hoping for more but we'll see how it goes. We have a big 3-week vacation coming up on Sunday so that will dip into my productivity but have the awesome bonus of being super fun and totally worth it. Without further ado, the list...

#1 Nativity Mini - I'm making this for my Mom's 60th birthday coming up next month. She collects nativities and helps run the annual exhibit each year in her town. I know she'll love it and I've warned her to stay away from all my accounts as I post so it will be a surprise.

#2 Penguin Mini - My brother has recently told me of his deep love for all things penguin. We're staying with him for several days on our trip and it's also his birthday while we're there. That prompted this last-minute gift addition. I hope to get it done before we leave.

#3 Knit Socks - Driving from Iowa to the Oregon coast takes a long time so I wanted projects that I could do on the go. Thus, I will be learning to knit socks on the drive. I've been knitting for about 18 months now and tried so many challenging things I'm ready for the next one. I'm using the Vanilla Latte sock pattern.

#4 Moebius Knit Scarf - My favorite part about knitting is picking up new skills. I've been knitting for about 18 months and have tried cables, fair isle, and mittens. Moebius knitting seemed like a cool thing and the Arrowhead Moebius Cowl looked so neat I have to give it a go.

#5 Little Ruby Clambake - I adore this fabric line and I wanted to do a pattern that would show it off without being too simple. Thus enter the Clambake pattern by Thimble Blossoms. Perfection!

#6 Scripture Cases - I reverse engineered a scripture case for my oldest boy after his store-bought one literally disintegrated. My other three who read now get a turn since his worked out so well.

#7 Jumbo Crochet Blanket - I've been looking at Jumbo knit and crochet blankets for a while now. I just love them! Enter this clearance yarn from Hobby Lobby and a US 50 crochet hook. This is going to be so fun, and fast!

#8 Norway Quilt - This bunch of awesome is going to become a scrappy Norway quilt with a low volume background. I'm so excited about this and have been planning and collecting for a while.

#9 Alphabet Quilt - I've been loving all the Spell It with Moda alphabet quilts popping up on my feed. I happen to have an extra Horizon jelly roll and I think it will be perfect for this project which, in turn, will be perfect for my little people to play with and practice letters.

#10 Vintage Modern quilt - I have been collecting and sitting on this for a while now and I think I finally decided on a pattern! On a Whim from Thimble blossoms has struck my fancy which is funny because she made the original with Vintage Modern.

#11 Flower Girl Quilt - I knew I had to have a fat quarter bundle of Hello Darling when it came out. Then when I saw the Flower Girl pattern I knew they were perfect for each other! Now, to create!

#12 Plume Quilt - My oldest daughter just transferred over to a queen bed. This calls for a new quilt! I'm using this Meadow Bloom bundle I won in a giveaway. We all pretty excited about this one.

#13 Color Dive - I have been obsessed with the Color Dive pattern since I first saw it. I love so many things about it. Then one night it hit me that I could do the Color Dive with V. and Co. prints and it would be amazing. I have every line Vanessa has ever made and she has such great value and prints that I knew it would be so fun! I'm going all out and making the King Size version. It will cost an arm and a leg to get it quilted but so so worth it!

#14 Woven Quilt - This quilt has been all cut out and ready to go for years. I kid you not - YEARS! It is my second oldest wip and I want it finished. I hope it makes it this quarter but honestly I'm really not in love with it so who knows. It's not meant for me though so I really need to just do it.
That's my wishlist. I know the first six will happen and beyond that it's what I'm in the mood for at the moment. I'm excited about it and am loving all the other things I'm seeing at the linkup here.


  1. You have a great array of projects--loving that woven quilt pattern a lot!! hugs, Julierose

  2. Awesome list Julie! I can't wait to see that big crochet blanket!

  3. Great list, love your fabrics and projects, the nativity is so sweet!

  4. Great list, love your fabrics and projects, the nativity is so sweet!


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