Crochet Projects

This page is a list with pictures of my various completed crocheted projects.  They all link to a post and when possible tell where to find the pattern I used.

Hats and Booties

Sock Monkey Hat - take two and Knot Hard to Do booties.  I adore this Monkey hat, seriously who wouldn't!  I was so excited to make another one.  The booties are so fun too because they tie and actually stay on the baby's feet, who knew such a thing was possible?!  See the full post on these here.

Owl hat - This awesome hat went together so quickly and the pattern was free!  Can't get better than that!

Lightning McQueen Hat - The pattern for the base was way off and I added my own touches here and there but the idea was great and fun to do.

Waves Hat - I adore this hat!  It was fun to make and a new skill tackling waves.

Cables Hat - This was my first attempt at cable crochet and I loved it!  It took quite a bit of time on concentration especially for a hat but it was sure fun and I love the result.

Sock Monkey Hat and Crossover Booties.  This is one of my most popular posts and I can see why.  They are so cute!  I especially love the hat.

NICU Preemie and Newborn hats. - I have a lot of these.  They are my favorite to crochet.  The original post is here and other posts on them are found here, here, and here.

Aviator Hats - I made my boys some aviator hats - post here - then when my step-dad saw them he needed one too so I made him one as well.  See the post here.

Fake Mary Jane's and a matching newborn hat post here.  This yarn was so soft and wonderful!  The patterns went together quickly too!

Crab, Divine, and Viking Hats.  I made these for a friend who lives in rural Alaska.  Her boys look so handsome in them see the posts here and here.


Christening Gowns #1 and #2.  I loved this so much I made it twice!  The first one was for a newborn and the second was for a nine month-old baby.  I think they both turned out great and were so fun and fast.  See the first one here and the second one here.

Amigurumi - Softies

Dragons - I loved this pattern so much I made five of them.  I love how they all turned out.  See the posts here and here.

Seal and Elephant - I was looking for a new skill to learn walking around the aisles at my local Hobby Lobby when I came across an amigurumi book.  Amigurumi is the art of making animals, dolls, and even stuffed food, by crocheting yarn.  I thought, I could totally do that!  See the post here.

Necklaces and Scarves

Crochet Necklace with ladder yarn.  LOVE!  I've made four of these and they are so fast and easy!

Woven Scarf.  I planned on writing a tutorial but never got around to it.  Hopefully soon!

Hot Pads and Washcloths

Self-folding hot pad with pattern.  See the post here.  It's so easy to make and the most durable hot pad I've ever had!

Woven Hot Pad - Cute meets functional!  It looks harder than it is and the pattern was free.  Can't beat that!  See post here.

Chicken and Egg Hot Pads - I loved these so much I made a bunch.  The pattern was free and easy to follow.  See the posts here and here.

Log Cabin Washcloths - These were so fast and fun and that's probably why I made so many.  See the posts in the title link and here.

 Square Washcloth - This was pretty fast and easy as most washcloths are but I wasn't really in love with it.

Spoil Me Spa Cloth - I loved making this one and I love how pretty it is.  It's not great for cleaning things but fun in the bath.  See the post here.

Crochet Dishcloth - It was fast and easy but really not very exciting as patterns go.  Here's the post.

Sylvan Star Washcloth - I was so excited to make this one to have a pretty and fun washcloth in the house that I made.  Sadly, my hubby won't use it.  He says it's too pretty to use.

Blankets and Afghans

Homestyle Ripple Afghan - This was one of my favorite projects ever.  My little guy loves it too and drags it everywhere with him like Linus.  See the post here.

Round Stripe Afghan - I've been loving the round blankets lately so I decided to make some for my kids for Christmas.  They each got to pick two colors and I whipped them out pretty fast.  See the post here with all the color variations.

Variegated Double Crochet blanket - This one was all about the fluffy yarn so I went with a simple pattern.  I just went back and forth with a double crochet until it was as big as I wanted.  I love the result.  See the post here.


Various Summer Time Things - Made to go on my mother's tree she decorates for the seasons.  Find all the details here.

Tiny Star - I'd always wanted to use one of those teeny tiny crochet hooks that came in my set.  It took a while to decide on something and then I landed on this crochet star pattern.  I love it!  It's so cute and fast.  I haven't decided what to do with it yet but I love it.

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  1. You've accomplished so much! Love the picture of you wearing the green scarf. You look so pretty and happy!


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