Friday, January 3, 2014

Back To It and Setting a ALYoF Goal

I'm getting back into the groove after my surgery. It was nice having a bit of down time around Christmas and with the kids out of school I wasn't hiding in my craft room the whole time but now I'm ready to get going. I was thinking about doing a wrap-up post but since you can just click on the finishes label or look at the tabs on the top I wasn't really feeling like it was the best use of my time. So... moving on!

This is my lovely pile of fabric that I got for Christmas!! Usually I make a list and my hubby makes a list and we pick things off of it to buy. Well, this year we each wanted a lot of little specific things so we decided to buy our own presents and wait until Christmas to open them up. I spent ALL my budget on fabric and am so in love! Most of these are for an I-spy quilt I am gathering for.

I had a little time while I was laid up to finish a crochet hat for my step-father. I love this wavy pattern in all its varieties. If you're interested you can pick one up in my shop.

For about a week or so it hurt to sit at all so I was happy to get this little finish done on my sewing machine. My middle daughter got a bunch of chapstick for Christmas and it kept rolling around all over the floor and going under the couch. I decided to make her a little holder with some extra charm squares I had lying around.

Here's the inside. I didn't have a pattern or anything and now that it is done there are a few things I would have done differently like added a little panel around the sides but it works to keep them all together and not rolling under the couch. More importantly she adores it and carries it around the house all the time in case of a lip emergency.

After I discovered I could more or less sew without pain I really got into it and worked on my little man's fire quilt. There are 7 of the 11 rows done here. It goes really fast and I love how my little guy (he's three) encourages me after each and every seam. He says things like, "Good job MOM!" and "It's getting bigger and Bigger and BIGGER!" I love it!
So for my ALYoF goal I'd like to get his fire quilt finished. That would include quilting and binding by the end of the month. It's also on my fourth quarter FAL list so if I could get it done by the 8th that would be a huge bonus but may not happen. I'm linking up to the goal party here.

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