Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WiP Wednesday: Small Progress

I had a great week!  For the most part I felt fabulous even with the pregnancy and I got a lot done around the house and spent some fabulous time crafting.  I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced to celebrate my achievements.

First I made some progress on the Russian dolls quilt that I've been planning on working on for months now...
These are two of the fourteen rows that will make up the quilt.  It will follow this pattern with seven of the first row and seven of the second to create sort of a herringbone look.

I added yet a few more rows to my white crochet blanket for my baby.  It is to be 54 rows like this with two rows of edging.  I'm on row 22 right now so it's coming along.

I also started a colorful crochet blanket for the baby.  I love Herrschners and find myself going there often for their afghan kits which this is one of.  It comes with the pattern and all the yarn you need usually for a nice discount.  This scallop pattern caught my eye and seems like it would be fun texture for the baby.  I just started the last row (pink) in the set and it will repeat six times for a blanket about 35" square.
Even will all this progress there are things I didn't get to but hope to soon...
- Scrapbooking - I've been feeling the bug but my hubby has taken over my room to paint shelves for our remodel.  Sadly I can't get to my scrapbook table but he's nearly done!
- Nancy Drew Quilt - I need to get quilting on this one but I'm loving working on stuff for the baby and can't seem to make it happen.
- Ruby Quilt - I would love to work on the quilt for my baby Ruby but I really need to get the Russian quilt done for my SIL first as her baby is due mid-May.

I hope to get even more done this week and am crossing my fingers that I continue to feel great.   Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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  1. You's been busy! I think the baby blanket looks so pretty.


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