This is a list of all the quilts I've ever made.  Most of them have pictures with links to posts.  Others I sadly don't have pictures of the finish.

#103 Circuit Quilt - My oldest boy had been wanting another quilt for a while now but couldn't decide on fabric or a pattern. We were looking through a quilt book and he saw this one and really liked it. Finished June 28, 2016. Instagram post here.

#102 Blue Swiss Quilt - I love blue, especially Navy, so I decided to make myself a quilt using all blue. Finished June 16, 2016. Instagram post here.

#101 Ruby Red Swiss Quilt - My youngest daughter is named Ruby and loves red. So when I saw this quilt pattern all done in red she needed to have it. Finisher June 13, 2016. Instagram post here.

Mini/Pillow #45 Black and White mini swap. I made this one for my partner in a swap and I love how it turned out. Especially the quilting! Finished June 10, 2016 Instagram post here.

Quilt #100!! Patchwork Swoon - I can't believe I'm already at 100 quilts. I have been quilting since I was about 14 but have really been quite prolific the last six years. Before that it was maybe one quilt a year. This one was completed May 21, 2016 see the finish post here.

 #99 Red Farm Girl Vintage quilt - When we moved recently I found a bunch of Farm Girl Vintage blocks. I divided them up and made some into a quilt for my MIL and the rest I took and supplemented a few and make into a quilt for me. This one is mine and I just love so much about it!! I went with simple cross-hatching for the quilting and used scrap HST instead of squares for the setting squares. It's so fun! Completed April 27, 2016 see the finish post here.

 #98 Sparklettes Quilt - This one was for my middle daughter. I love this pattern from the Fat Quarter Style book. The Far Far Away II mixed so well with the Cotton and Steel Basics. I tried a pieced back and loved it. Completed April 20, 2016 see the finish post here.

#97 Grandma's Farm Girl Vintage - With our move I found a lot of abandoned Farm Girl Vintage blocks and decided to turn them into something. I've never made a real quilt for my Mother-in-Law so I'm going to surprise her with this when we visit this Summer. Completed April 18, 2016 see the finish post here.

#96 Boat House quilt - This quilt was a commission and was such a fun make! I highly recommend the pattern and it was fun to try straight line quilting again. The baby quilt was finished April 17, 2016 you can read about it here.

#95 Star Surround Quilt - I finished the top for this quilt September 11, 2013. You can read about that here. At that point I knew this quilt was going to end up sitting for a while. It's huge at 96" square and I knew I couldn't quilt it and with the birth of our fifth just 1.5 months before I couldn't afford to send it out either. It was finally quilted and finished March 31, 2016 and you can read about that here.

Mini/Pillow #44 - We bought a new house and it was the push I needed to use this adorable Road 15 fabric to make myself a mini. I love how it turned out! Completed March 19, 2016 and finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #43 - Elizabeth Hartman Swap - I had so much fun making this one! I used 100% stash again and put the design together myself. I am especially in love with the quilting! You can see more about this mini here. It was finished March 16, 2016.

#94 To The Point quilt - This project was also 100% stash. I've love this pattern for a while and these colors really speak to me. This quilt ended up being twin size and was completed on March 9, 2016. Finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #42 - Hello Darling Modern Hexies - I'd been wanting to play with this fabric and try this pattern for a while now. What's better than to have them both together?! I love the result and the chambray background (a first for me). Completed February 22, 2016 finish post here.

#93 Ruby Primrose Quilt - My little munchkin fell in love with this quilt quite some time ago when I first purchased the book Fat Quarter Style. It had been on my list but since she was in a crib still it wasn't a priority because I knew I wanted to make it twin size. I finally finished this quilt February 9, 2016 and you can read about it here.

Mini/Pillow #41 - Tula Pink Swap Mini - I didn't really have a lot on the blog about this one. Most of the action happened over on Instagram. You can see more pictures in this post and was completed January 20, 2016.

#92 I Heart You Quilt - I love everything about this one!! Especially that it was 100% stash and 80" square. I'd been dreaming about making this quilt for a while and finally made the jump. To see more and the cute pictures of my hubby and I in front of it see the finish post here. Completed January 19, 2016.

Mini/Pillow #40 Thimble Blossoms Sampler - This is definitely my favorite mini to date. I love every single thing about it and it was very difficult to see it go off to my partner. I know she loved it though. You can see more pictures in the finish post. This mini was completed January 11, 2016.

Mini/Pillow #39 - Preppy the Whale - I really love everything about this mini! It was so cute and fast too! This was 100% stash and finished in one day. January 3, 2016. Check out the post here.

Mini/Pillow #38 - I bought all the things for this mini on a whim. I never do that. I'm a planner and like to budget my craft things. It sat for a while because it wasn't a priority but then I whipped it up really quickly. I love the quilting on this one! It's one of my favorite designs lately. Completed December 30, 2015. It is in my year review post here.

Mini/Pillow #33-37 Patchwork Minis - I made these for my five small children for Christmas. They love tucking in various things and they also love mini quilts. I tried a new quilting motif on each one and found a new favorite and ones I'd love to practice more. Completed December 2015 finish post here.

#91 Knuffle Bunny Quilt - I made this adorable Knuffle Bunny whole-cloth quilt to go with one of my daughter's favorite books. It's a hit! Completed December 2015 finish post here.

#90 - Christmas Quilt - I used some leftover strips and a super soft minky back to throw together this lap quilt. I love this Holly's Tree Farm fabric and enjoyed this quick and easy finish. Completed December 2015. Finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #31-32 Christmas Table Runners - I was in two swaps for Christmas and my partners had exactly the same tastes so I made them the same thing. There were based of a pattern I was using for myself. Completed November 2015 finish post here.

#89 Halloween Quilt - I had the fabric for this lying around for over two years and finally decided to make it happen. I just love it! Such a fun and festive quilt. Completed October 2015 finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #30 - Mummy Pillow - I had this mummy block sitting around for years and finally decided to turn it into something this year. I used a lot of glow-in-the-dark thread and it turned out so fun! Completed October 2015 finish post here.

#88 Hazel Hedgehog Quilt - This one is for my oldest girl. She fell in love with the pattern when she saw it and we had so much fun picking the fabric together. I tried a new quilting motif on this one too, it seems to be my theme this year. Completed September 2015 finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #29 - House Quilt - This is my project for the Home Sweet Home mini quilt swap. The pattern is paper pieced. Outhouse by Carolyn Friedlander. I love it! Completed September 2015 finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #28 - B&C Mini Swap - I was in a Bonnie and Camille Mini swap and made this for my partner. It's not bound in this picture but it really shows off my quilting. Completed August 2015 finish post here.

#87 - Orange Fancy Fox Quilt - My youngest boy is a huge fan of all things orange and love foxes as well. When I saw this pattern I new I had to have it for him. There are 14 different oranges he picked out all himself. I tried a boxed meander motif for the quilting, a new one for me and loved it. Completed July 2015 see the post here for more details.

Mini/Pillow #27 - AMH Mini - I was in an Anna Maria Horner mini swap and this is what I came up with for my partner. I love how it turned out and how I've stepped up my quilting came this year with new Free Motion Quilting techniques. Completed June 2015 see the finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #24-26 I made these for my Step-dad for Father's day. They wanted new pillows to match their couch. It was a fun project and I loved working with the Hex N More ruler. Completed June 2015 see the finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #24 - Alison Glass Mini Swap - I made this fun mini for my partner in the AG mini swap. I tried matchstick quilting for the first time too and loved it. I used thread to coordinate with the different sections of the quilt.Completed May 2015 See the post here for more detail.

Mini/Pillow #22-23 I made pillows for my mother to match the quilt I made for her bed a few years back. Good thing I hoard fabric! Completed May 2015 See the post here.

Mini/Pillow #21 - Vintage Farmgirl Table Runner - I made this for my Mother-in-law for Mother's day. While not my usual fabric choices it is totally her and she loves it! I finished this in May 2015 and you can see it in this post.

Mini/Pillow #20 - Cotton and Steel Mini Swap - I made this mini for my partner in the C+S Mini swap. I had so much fun with it and this was a first for me with this pattern and trying the grid quilting so close together. I love how both turned out. Finished April 2015 see post here.

#86 Road 15 Quilt - I used the Happy Weekender tutorial again. I had a few problems with the basting spray this time but it turned out okay in the end. This quilt was completed on 31 March 2015 and you can read about it here.

#85 Lotus Pond Quilt - I adore everything about this quilt. It was my first attempt at free-motion pebbles and straight lines. The fabric is lovely and the pattern was quick and pretty painless.  Completed 27 March 2015. Find out more here.

#84 Family Tree Zigzag Quilt - I originally intended this one for my Etsy Shop but things aren't doing very well there so I may just hang onto it for someone special later. Completed 28 January 2015 Read all about it here.

Mini/Pillow #19 - Love Struck Pillow - This was a pattern I was testing out and I just adore how it all came together. It was so cute and festive for Valentine's Day and so much easier than I expected. Completed 22 January 2015. See the finish post here.

#83 April Showers Quilt - I loved the way this one turned out, especially the different colors of thread in the quilting. I hated the tutorial and ended up having to do most of the legwork myself. Completed 3 January 2015. You can read all about it here.

Mini/Pillow #17 and #18 Mini Plus quilt and pillow. I volunteered to be and angel for the IGminiswap when I found out someone had sent a mini but their partner backed out. I fell in love with my plan so much that I made a mini for her and a pillow for me. Read about them here. I finished these on 12/23/14 and they were my last finishes of that year.

#82 Supernova Friendship Swap Quilt. Oh my this one turned out so fun! I made this along with Izzy from Dizzy Quilts. I finished mine on 12/17/14.

Mini/Pillow #16 Instagram Mini Swap. I made the cut glass pattern from the Vintage Quilt Revival book. I had some fun on the quilting with this one and finished it up on 11/28/14.

Mini/Pillow #15 Paper Pieced Fish Pillow. This one was a pattern test and I ended up loving it so much more than I thought I would. Read about it here. Finished 10/2/14

#81 Nancy Drew Quilt - This one felt like it took forever! It was my second oldest WiP and I fell in and out of love with it more times than I can count. I had a hard time quilting it and then gave up only to come back over a year later, unpick the whole thing, and go again. It was finally finished on 9/22/14.

#80 Mixed Bag Charm Pack Cherry - I love this one! It's so big and was so fun and fast. I finished this one also on 9/15/14.

#79 BYU Pixel Quilt I just adore this quilt!! Completed 9/15/14 click here to find how I made it and a link to the pattern.

#78 Chirp Chirp Line Dance quilt. Another quilt for my shop that I finished up on 9/14/14. You can see the finish post here.

#77 - Kate Spain Quilt - Made of 240 Kate Spain charms and 30 additional Kona Silver charms. Began on 7/28/14 and completed on 8/7/14. Read more about this quilt here.

#76 - Lisa and Kyle Wedding Quilt - Made of HST from Social Club. This quilt was finished FAST because I was under a crazy deadline. I began on July 13, 2014 and completed it on July 28th. Read the post on this here.

#75 - Michael Miller Challenge Quilt - I adore everything about how this one turned out! The fabrics were so fun and I love all the stars. This quilt was finished on July 12, 2014. Read about this finish here.

Mini/Pillow #14 - Christmas Pillow - I used the Contact Print Pillow tutorial again and love the red background of this one. This finish is posted with my daughter Miya's (age 7) finished pillow as well. They were both finished on July 10, 2014. Read about them here.

#74 - Bluebird Park Quilt - I used the Line Dance pattern again and love how it turned out with these fabrics. I finished this one July 3, 2014 and posted here.

#73 - Apple Jack Jelly Roll Jam #2 - The second attempt at spiral quilting was even better. It's really fun with this pattern too. There is a really awesome picture of spiral quilting at the end of this post as well as a few tips. I finished this one on June 27, 2014 and posted here.

#72 - Apple Jack Jelly Roll Jam #1 - I tried spiral quilting for the first time and love how it turned out. I finished this quilt on June 20, 2014. You can read about it here.

#71 - I Spy Scrappy Quilt - I used the scraps from my other two quilts and my seven kits to make this quilt for a friend's baby coming in July 2014. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I finished this one June 13, 2014 and you can read about it here.

Mini/Pillow #13 - Foldover Hexagon Pillow - Again with the color me happy line I followed a presentation from my guild. I finished this up on May 23, 2014. I wrote a tutorial for this here and you can find the finish post here.

#70 - Color Me Happy quilt with the Honey Honey Layer Cake pattern. I love the aqua background on this and it was my first time going for something that wasn't a neutral. Completed May 18, 2014 - finish post here.

#69 - I Spy Picnic Quilt - Using four of each different 81 squares I made this I Spy quilt as part of a blog hop. I finished the quilt on May 15, 2014. You can see the post here.

Mini/Pillow #12 - Contact Print Pillow with Color Me Happy - the pattern was easy to follow and I love the straight line quilting. Finished May 5, 2014 you can find the post here.

#68 - I Spy Baby Quilt - Using 81 different prints I made this quilt about 40.5" square. Completed on April 18, 2014. Finish post here.

#67 - S'More Love Happy Weekender Quilt - I adore this one! It is such a perfect size for a lap quilt at about 59" by 67" Completed April 6, 2014. Finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #10 and #11 - Star Light Star Bright pillows - Made from the quilt along found at happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com and completed March 31, 2014. Finish post here.

#66 - Sweet Serenade Line Dance quilt - With only one charm pack an a bit of yardage this fabulous baby quilt came together at 41" by 49". Completed March 31, 2014. Finish post here.

#65 - 30s Reproduction Carousel quilt - I love how this one came together. It used just a tiny bit of fabric and would be great for scraps. Just one 2" strip from several different fabrics and a bit of solid makes a crib size. Completed March 30, 2014. Finish post here.

#64 - Spring House Jelly Roll Jam quilt - I love how quick and cute these are and that they use half a jelly roll so you can make two tops for less than $30. Completed March 6, 2014. Finish post here.

#63 - Bungle Jungle Strip Quilt - So fast and fun. I love the fabric from this one. Completed February 26, 2014. Finish post here.

#62 - Jubilee Charming Lucy Quilt - This is one of my favorite finishes to date. The straight line quilting is so pretty and the fabric is so classy. Completed February 20, 2014. Finish post here.

#61 - Spring House Jelly Roll Quilt - Another quick finish for the shop completed on February 6, 2014. I love the bright colors of this one. Finish post here.

#60 - Mind Your Ps and Qs Quilt - A quick finish for the shop. Took about two days start to finish. Completed January 31, 2014. Finish post here.

#59 - Fire Truck Quilt - Began in November and completed January 8, 2014. See the full finish post here.

#58 - Harry Potter Book quilt. This one was so much fun! I used a tutorial from the Moda Bakeshop but changed the words. Completed December 17, 2013. She a post on this one here.

 #57 - T-Shirt quilt. This was a commissioned quilt for my friend's little sister. We had a sweet deal where she bought all the supplies and paid me in handmade jewelry for my time. Finished December 6, 2013. See the post here.

#56 - Wedding Flower Quilt. I made this with a double wedding ring template and then appliqued the flowers on. The quilting was pretty intense echo quilting. Completed November 29, 2013. See finish post here.

Mini/Pillow #8 and #9 - Star-Crossed Lovers pillows. These were fun but crazy with 2" HST. Made November 2013. See the post here.

Mini/Pillow #7 and #8 - These were part of the Mario Brothers Quilt-a-long that I couldn't finish up. They became pillows for my boys in November 2013. See the post here.

#54 and #55 - Celebration Girl and Boy patchwork quilts.Completed November 1st - For my Etsy shop.  Finish post here.

#53 - 2wenty Thr3e Patchwork Quilt - The second quilt for my shop - finished in October 2013. Finish post here.

#52 - Berenstain Bears Quilt - This was the first quilt I made for my Etsy shop. I finished it in October 2013. Finish post here.

#51 High Street Baby Quilt - From the original quilt-along over at Happy Quilting. Began and completed in October 2013. Finish post found here.

#50 - Pirate Marbles Quilt - Began 5/28/2013 and completed on 7/15/2013. I love this pattern because it shows off the fabric but is still more interesting than a bunch of squares. See the finish post here.

#49 - Star Wars R2D2 Quilt - Began on 6/20/2013 and completed 6/22/2013 using raw edge applique. See the finish post here.

#48 - Ruby Quilt - Completed 6/13/2013. See the finish post here.

#47 - Baby Pirate Quilt - Completed 5/25/2013 after only a day of working on it. See the finish post here.

#46 - Skill Builder Sampler - Squares Finished 6/2012 - Finished and bound on 5/11/2013.  See block finish post here. The quilt finish post here.

#45 - Russian Little Kukla Quilt - Began sewing mid March - Finished 4/11/2013 - I cut the diamonds out with my Accuquilt and they were so fast and easy to piece.  The herringbone feel is really fun and I just adore the fabric.  See the finish post here.

#44 - Starburst Quilt - Began January 2013 and Finished 4/10/2013 - Made with the Starburst quilt-a-long group hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting.  I love how this one turned out and that I finally have a quilt for me on my bed!  See the finish post here.

#43 - Nana Papillon Quilt - Began in June 2012 then after a large break finished December 8, 2012.  It turned out great but the pattern it was based upon left a lot to be desired.  See the finish post here.

#42 - Giant Granny Square - Began October 30, 2012 and completed on November 2, 2012.  It was fast and fun and really easy!  To read more about it see the finish post here.

#41 - Christmas Quilt - Began January 2012 and completed October 2, 2012.  I adore it especially after I waited eight years to make myself one after I made five for my family back in 2004.  See the finish post here.

#40 - HST Pink - Started 8/28/12 completed 9/24/12 - This was my first attempt at an entire quilt made of HST.  I was amazed at how quickly it all came together.  I love the contrast of the pink and white!  See the finish post here.

Mini #6 - Handprint Crab - 9/10/12 - This mini comes with a full tutorial on how to make it yourself.  I loved making this one and my cute little girls hands are now an adorable crab!  See the tutorial post here.

#39 - Tetris Quilt -  I made this quilt as part of a QAL which began 7/17/12.  I finished the top and began quilting on 8/21/12.  I finished the whole quilt on 9/7/12. See the post here.

#38 - Quilts for Kids Strip Quilt.  Started 8/17/12 finished 8/18/12, so fast!  See the post here.

#37 - A Disappearing Walk in the woods.  Top Finished 6/15 then FMQing finished on 8/17/2012.  See the finish post here.

 Mini #5 - Beacon Light - 7/2012 - Free-motion quilting practice meandering.  See the post here.

 Mini #4 - Green Mountain Star - 7/2012 - FMQ lines in the ditch.  See the post here.

Mini #3 - Ohio Star - 7/2012 - Loopy FMQing.  See the post here.

Mini #2 - Orange Windows - 7/2012 - First FMQ attempt with the right foot.  See the post here.

Mini #1 - Improv House - 7/2012 - I used this as my first attempt at FMQ but I used the wrong foot.  It was an adventure.  See the post here.  

#36 - Hexagon Park - 5/2012 - I love this picture with them in the tree!  See the finish post here.

 #35 - Cartwheel - 4/2012 - This was the first quilt I finished that was made for me.  See the finish post here.

#34 - Owl Peter/Paul Quilt - 11/10/11 - I love the print and the pattern on this one and it was so much easier than I expected it to be.  See the finish post here.

 #33 - Apple Core - 5/2011 - I love the plaid design with the cores and the wavy edge.  See the post here.

#32 - Argyle - 5/2011 - I came up with the pattern on my own and made the cuts with my Accuquilt.  See the post here.

#31 - Double Wedding Ring - 12/2010 - The pinnacle of my quilting career thus far.  See the posts for this one here and here.

 #30 - Squared Stripe - 2010 - I wrote this pattern after seeing a similar one in a book.  See the post with pattern here.

 #29 - Train Applique - 2010 - My hubby runs trains for a living so I just loved this one for our littlest man.  See the post here.

 #28 - Dogs with Bone Border - 2009 - I remodeled the bone border from another quilt.  LOVE!  See the post here.

#27 - Clothing Tribute Quilt - 2008 - Made from my nephew's clothes after he passed.  See the post here.

#26 - Bunnies - 2008 -  This is the first one I attempted and finished hand quilting.  See the post here.

 #25 - Chickens - 2008 - There were so many tiny pieces but so worth it! See the post here.

#24 - Golfing Alligators Irish Chain - 2007 - They wanted me to do something fun  with the fabric they picked.  I love it being the feature in the Irish Chain.  See the post here.


#23 - Pink Checkered with Scallop Edge - 2007 - Not pictured although I swear I took one I just can't find it.

#22 - Ducky - 2006 - I love the prairie points and duck applique on this one.  See the post here.

#21 - NFL Applique - 2005 - Not pictured.  I so wish I'd gotten at least one picture of this one!  I appliqued the logos of each team then the NFL logo onto white fabric.  It was AWESOME! My sister-in-law ended up sewing the finished blocks together and I never got a final shot of it.

#20 - Animal Applique - 2005 - Each different color is a tiny piece of fabric hand sewn.  Thank you bed rest!  See the finish post here.

#19 - Storybook Quilt - 2005 - Not pictured.  I copied book pages onto fabric and sewed them together with borders.

#18 - Irish Chain with Applique - 2004 - I have no idea what happened in that corner but I wish I would have taken more time to fix it!  See the post here.

#17 - Bright Animals - 2004 - I love everything about this one! See the post here.

#16 - Sleeping Bears - 2004 - So fun but smaller than I wanted.  See the post here.

#15 - Scrappy Trees - 2004 - I so wish I had a better shot of this one! See the post here.

#14 - Holly Quilt - 2004 - I wish I would have pinned this one better!  See the post here.

#13 - Mini Stars Quilt - 2004 - Some of these pieces were TINY!  See the post here.

#12 - Christmas Stars - 2004 - I love the scrappy look!  See the post here.

#11 - Patriotic Christmas Hexagons - 2004 - My first attempt at hexagons and it was love at first sew.  See post here.

#10 - Tigger Quilt - 2004 -  I adore this quilt!  Appliqued and hand sewn.  See the post here.

#9 - Kites - 2004 - I love so much about this quilt!  I struggled with the borders.  See the post here.

 #8 - Pieced Houses - 2003 - It was tricky for my skill level but I love it.  See the post here.

#7 - Simple Trucks - 2003 - I designed this one to be simple and puffy.  See the post here.

#6 - Woven Squares - 2002 -  I designed this pattern for my niece.  See the post here.

#5 - Four patch Scrappy - 2001 - I made this one for my first niece.  Sadly I don't have a picture of it.

#4 - 9-Patch Two - 2001 - I made one to match my friends quilt that was quilt #3.  See the finish post here.

#3 - 9-Patch One - 2001 - Tied with navy ribbons.  See the finish post here.

#2 - Inner Facets - 1999 - Needs Quilting and Binding.

#1 - Sunbonnet Sue - 1997 (or maybe 1998) - Not Pictured - Upon completion I was so upset with how it turned out I threw it aside and said I never wanted to see it again.  My sister was there and said she loved it and she'd take it.  She did and held me to my word and I've never seen it again.  I would like a picture of it at least but she's not entirely sure of where it is at this moment.  Thankfully I made a matching pillow that I still have so I have at least a sample of the first quilt I made.  See the full post on this quilt here.

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