Tutorials and Patterns

Here's a list of my tutorials and patterns.  They are from both crocheting and quilting.  Some of them are pretty detailed with pictures while others just say what things you need and a basic overview of what to do.  I hope they help!

Spiral Quilting Tips

Foldover Hexagon Tutorial - lots of pictures and tips on technique.

Crochet self-folding hot pad with pattern and tutorial

Preemie and Newborn Crochet Hat Pattern - I wrote this up after several requests from people who've seen the hats I made for my local NICU.

Quilted and Lined Zipper Pouch - Super easy with detailed picture instructions.

Wicked Mummy Block - 12.5" unfinished super easy wonky block.

Handprint Crab 12.5" Mini Quilt with step-by-step tutorial.

Apple Core Plaid with pattern using the Accuquilt Go!

Squared Stripe Quilt with pattern.

Tigger Quilt with basic instructions.

Crochet Slip Knot with Tutorial and lots of pictures.

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  1. Thank you for all of the great tutorials. Your work is beautiful!


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