Monday, April 9, 2012

One Thing, One Week Challenge: Finished and Then Some!

 Amy over at Amy's Creative Side does something called a One Thing, One Week Challenge.  When it's going on Monday you pick what you want to accomplish that week and write it down as a comment.  When the next Monday rolls around if you finished you can link up and get a chance to win some fancy fabric.  I've always attempted participation in the past but I've overestimated what I could accomplish and was never able to link up.  This week a suppose I underestimated but that's okay!  I got a lot done and I'm so happy with my progress.  Not only did I finish my goal of three Wonky Blocks for my Skill Builder Sampler but I also finished a huge chunk of the quilt for my adorable three year-old princess.

Without further ado here's my fancy finishes...

Block #25 Wonky Log Cabin- I love how it turned out!  It's so fun, fast, and easy!  I think I will made this block again maybe even for a whole quilt.

Block #26 Wonky Star - I was nervous about this one because I was worried I wouldn't do the triangles right and it would either look like I just couldn't sew straight or be so wonky that you couldn't tell it was a star.  I think it turned out well though.

Block #27 Wonky Fan - This block gave me the most trouble and while I love it I don't know that I'll be attempting one again any time soon.  I had to take in some of the seams after the top half was already sewn down because it wouldn't lie flat.  I suppose that would have been solved if I had just pinned like I was told but in all honesty I despise pinning and I thought I could get away with it.  I did pin the green center though and it turned out much better.  I guess I must follow the rules.

I chose the Wonky Blocks as my goal this week because Leila over at Sewn was having a giveaway and if I finished by Friday I would be entered for a chance to win this amazing fabric.  I was in love and I had to go for it.  Miracle of miracles I won!  I literally jumped up and down when she told me and made a little scene but what can I say I rarely win stuff.  Isn't it just adorable fabric!!

So in addition to the Wonky Blocks I also got half the center portion of my little girls quilt done.  I cut into it on Wednesday and I am already this far!  I'm amazed with how cute it is and how fast it's going together.

If you're interested follow the link at the top and check out other people's goals and finishes for this week.


  1. A. I envy the fact that you sew.
    B. I adore (adore!) the one that looks like sun rays, even though you said it was a pain.
    C. Someday I plan to make a quilt. I may be 80, but I am going to do it!

  2. Your wonky blocks turned out really well. I particularly love your wonky star.

  3. Your finishes for this week turned out great! Congratulations!


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