Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Shelves and Hexagon Finish

 It's Wednesday again, man this week sure flew by for me!  I finished the Hexagon Quilt in just two weeks!  I went on an overnight trip with my hubby and four kids, and we bought some shelving for my craft room which really is a work in progress...

Here's the before shot of my craft room.  It's a nice space.  About 7' by 12'.  I've got two tables, a little chest of drawers and my ironing board that typically live in there.  You can see how I utterly lack storage space so everything kind of got heaped up on my two tables leaving little or no room to work... until today!

Our anniversary is on Monday (celebrating eight happily married years) and my sweet Aaron got me shelving.  I'm so excited I can't stand it!  I've wanted this for so long!  About five years ago this started out as my craft room.  It has severed several purposes over the years and has returned to be my craft room.  In the beginning it had some shelves but they weren't stable or nearly long or deep enough so we ended up taking them down and repurposing them elsewhere.  Now I have perfectly long and deep shelves to hold all my wonderful things and look at that workspace now!!

Here's my sewing table.  The white fabric is the outer boarder to my Hexagon quilt that I just finished today.  It's AMAZING how much easier it is to sew with space around my machine!  Before I had about four inches to the right of it, six to the back, three to the front, and eight inches deep on the left to the end of the table.  It was a nightmare!  Trying to maneuver a quilt around that was so difficult.  Not anymore!  That boarder was so easy to sew on and I didn't have to worry about knocking stuff of as I sewed along.

This is my paper-crafting table.  Mostly I do scrapbooks.  I love how everything is in reach here but off of the table and out of the way.  I have enough room to spread out like crazy.  It makes me want to scrapbook next instead of the quilt I have lined up.  Maybe I do a little of both this week.

Here's the quilt top all finished up for the Hexagon Quilt (pattern here).  I adore this quilt!  It was not as difficult as it appears.  It more or less lines up perfectly everywhere and where it doesn't you have to really get up in there to see it.  My little girl LOVES it and wants to sleep with it now but it has to be bound and quilted.  I can't believe I finished it in just two weeks!  I didn't even work on it every day either.  I probably put six days of free time (a few hours each day) into the quilt and voila!
I'm linking up (as always) with Lee and Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.  Hop on over and see what other fabulous crafty people have been up to this week.

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  1. I like this one even better than the Sherbert Pips one!

  2. Love the shelves! And the quilt too. Do we need to set up a time for quilting?

  3. Yay for an organized craft room! Love it. Love the hexagon quilt too. So cute!


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