Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crochet Christening Gown Finish!

 After 15 hours and 30 minutes of working over 14 days I finished the crochet Christening gown!  I only know how long it took because my friend asked me to keep track of my hours.  I have never really done that before so it was fun to see how much time I actually spent on it.  There were other things I did too but I spent the most time on this.

For more of the start of the story check out my other posts on this project here and here.  Now on to my favorite bit... the pictures!

We have a big baby doll that fits into newborn size things so when I finished the dress I tried it on her to make sure it fit more or less.  My friends baby is going to be bigger than a newborn but since it was a little roomy I think it should fit fine.  When my youngest saw the baby looking so fancy he ran (okay it's more of a shimmy waddle) over and picked the doll up and gave her love.  It was so cute!  He kept patting it's back and kissing her head.  He was sad when I had to take the dress off and big baby just wasn't as good without it.

Here's the finished front.  I modified the pattern a little bit.  They had a variation for a shorter version so I used that.  Then my friend wanted me to add a flower at the waist and make another for her hair so I did that.  I think the flower is a nice touch.  I did the same basic flower from the bottom of the skirt with the stitches all going in a chain four loop.  Then I added the fancy edging from the bottom of the dress to the outside of the flowers.  I put a button in the middle to add a bit of texture to it and voila!

Here's the back of the dress.  It has two buttons to close it up.

Here's the bottom detail.  LOVE!  It may be bragging but I keep looking at it and being so impressed that I made something so fancy!  While I've crocheted many things I've never tried anything so fancy and I love it!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love it. I love the fancy stitching in the bottom.


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