Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Crochet Crazy

It's WiP Wednesday again, my favorite day of the week because I get to post about all my craftiness and hop on over to Freshly Pieced to see what other crafty people have been up too.  Here's the fun from this week...

Since I've been feeling so nasty the only thing I've been up to was crocheting.  By Friday of last week I was starting to feel slightly better and I was starting to get bored with sitting around reading books and watching movies all the time, hard life, I know.  I found that crocheting used more of my brain, was productive, and gave me something to show for my hours sitting on my bum.  In the end I made one hat, eight flowers, added about 6 inches to the never-ending afghan, and have the beginnings of what will become a christening dress. 

My Step-dad saw the aviator hats I made my boys (see this post) and really wanted one.  The pattern didn't go past age four so I had to modify it to fit his adult male head.  I relied heavily upon my hubby's head and made him model it for me repeatedly to make sure it wasn't getting to big.

Here's the side view.  I seriously love this hat but I don't know how I feel about it when enlarged this much.  It's cute but could easily lean comical.  For an idea of scale the orange lines are inch marks.

Here's the front view.  I hope it fits!  I'll have him put in on and hopefully get pictures up soon.

For Mother's day I made my Mom some flowers for her festive tree.  She keeps a tree up year-round, sort of like a Christmas tree, and the decorations change with the months.  I thought some cute crochet flowers would be perfect for May.  A while ago a found a link to this post with a collection of flowers and I gave four of them a go.  I'm also in the planning stages of making her a quilt for her guest bedroom.  I would be in the sewing stages but currently have so much on my list I have to hurry and knock off first.

Here's the Christening dress I've been working on (pattern here).  Sadly, it's not for a baby of mine, although I'm considering it strongly if I have another girl.  A friend of mine pinned a crocheted dress and asked me if it looks difficult.  The one she liked wasn't connected to a pattern so I couldn't be sure.  I hopped around on (my favorite crochet pattern site) and found three different Christening gowns and told her that these would be already for someone with intermediate skill.  I told her the stitches she'd need to be able to do and various techniques required.  Of course, and I certainly saw it coming, this led to her requesting my services as the creator of this beautiful dress.  I was both flattered and nervous.  I know I have the skill set but it seems like such an important event I don't want to do less than a perfect job.  It's coming along beautifully and pretty quickly too.  This is a day and a half worth of work.

Here's a close-up of the flower detail that will be the skirt portion.  I'm loving this!  It's so fun, engaging, and just challenging enough to make it exciting.

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  1. oh, this is going to be a beautiful dress!

  2. Love it all! I need you to help me (in other words: do it for me) some hot pads. Maybe I could trade you a stamp set for a couple hot pads? :)

  3. Love your crochet work. The hat is so cute, and that gown is going to be beautiful! : )


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