Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wip Wednesday: Quilty Break

After busting my bum on my Mom's quilt and then quickly started into my SIL's quilt I needed a bit of a quilting break.  I took this week to do a bunch of scrapbooking and a couple of crochet projects.  I am planning on crocheting a small thing for my sister, her hubby, and three kids for Christmas.  Good thing those go so fast!  I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.

I got even more caught up with my scrapbooks first...

I had so much fun working on these!  To a few closeups click here.  I made 19 two-page layouts for my son's scrapbook.  I am a two years behind so he was just a tiny baby but that makes it more fun seeing my cute little man.

Next I got to work on some crochet projects...

My sister found a buttoned cowl online and asked if I could make it for Christmas.  It looked fast and easy in the picture she sent so I set out in search of the pattern.  Well, the pattern wasn't for sale, only the cowl.  Next I went to trusty ravelry.com and found this pattern for free.  I seriously love free patterns and isn't it just stunning?  Her pictures are way better than mine so if you're not convinced do a quick click.  She also has several other awesome free crochet patterns.  Well, since I loved it so much I made one for me first as a sort of practice run.  You can wear this scarf so many ways but it doesn't come with instructions and I have to play more with it to figure out all the ways.  It should be a fun adventure.

My sister is getting one in cream.  While cream was a choice gray was her first choice.  The pattern used Lion Brand Wool Ease Think and Quick.  I love working with it!  It's so soft and fast!  However, their gray was yucky.  I don't know how to adequately describe.  It was like heather but had chunks of other colors in it here and there.  It looked like you rolled around in leaf bits and got some stuck in your scarf.  Thus, cream it is!  This one just needs the buttons and the ends woven in so it should easily be finished later today.
Thanks for stopping by and here's to another fun week!


  1. Oh, you have accomplished a lot. All those scrapbook pages took time. I think of a page or two as being a quilt. So you have completed 19 crib size quilts!

  2. Love the cowl scarf! I may have to make one for myself...after Christmas :)

  3. Terrific cowl scarf! I'm thinking that living in the Midwest, they are certainly needed (I once lived in Wisconsin and my son now lives in Ohio).

    I saw your I Believe button. I'm LDS, too, and it's always fun to see these little buttons on people's blogs. On my blog (opquilt.com) I have a link to the Create Video. I try to watch that every once in a while to keep me inspired.

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E.


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