Friday, April 4, 2014

The Emily Bag with Dewberry's Bungalow

I bought the sparrow fabric Joel Dewberry's Bungalow line several months ago knowing I wanted to make a bag with it and it finally happened. The fabric and the pattern I used work so well together! I picked The Emily Bag from This is on my list (goal post here) for the 2014Q1FAL and I finished it just in time!

I love everything about it! It really shows off the fabric and the pleats in the front are such a fun and classy touch! The pattern went together so much simpler than I expected. The cutting stage took a while, but then again I'm used to a ruler and rotary cutter so doing it with scissors is just naturally going to take longer.

The lining fabric, while I love it, is making me a bit dizzy in this picture. I installed my first ever zipper like this and it turned out so well! It might have something to do with my awesome new sewing machine. It is now day three in my house and with it I have made a quilt (except the binding) and now a bag. My new Juki has breezed through both no problem. This was also my first magnetic clasp and it's crazy strong.

This bag is quite large and lovely at the same time. I really like how it combines form and function.

I'm six feet tall and a lot of bags just look tiny on me but this one really fits nicely!

It's so big it can even hold a baby! My little cutie is eight months old and sized like her crazy tall parents (my hubby is 6'6"). The bag is also really strong. It held her no problem so it would be fine for anything else I'd mange to shove in it.
So, in the end I'd totally recommend this pattern for anyone. I don't have much experience making 3D things but this went together so nicely and it's tempting me to venture more into bags. I'm linking up with Finish it Up Friday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the bag! Your comment about the lining fabric picture made me laugh out loud... It does have some hypnotic thing going on. :-). The picture of the baby in the bag is super cute too!

  2. Great fabric! Love your bag! Yes, the picture of the lining is a bit dizzying, but the fabric makes a perfect lining.

  3. Congrats, love the fabric in this!


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