Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WiP Wednesday: Giveaway and Organization

Over the weekend I hit over 50,000 views!! When I started my blog I thought it would be mostly for me to keep track of the things I've created. Then I fell in love with the quilting community and have since made several online friends and found so much inspiration. I know I've grown and become better just from associating with all of you. As a bit of a thank you there is a charm pack at the end of this post that I will be giving away to one lucky reader.

One of the things I've learned from all of this is that I can create fun things that people will pay money for! Before I'd always just given them away and smiled at people telling me to sell things. Now I have an Etsy shop and this is my latest completed order for a Sleepy Fox Hat.

Also in my journey I've become a pattern tester for a few people. I just adore testing patterns. With my Bachelors in English it's nice to use those skills combined with my sewing ability. These lovely fabrics are destined to become the latest from Grits and Giggles, which I better get on because it's due on Friday. She says it's super fast and I'm counting on that.

While I have the fabric cut for several quilts I try to not get overwhelmed and work on too many things at once. I have a three things rule - only three projects going at once - and I'm at my limit. Next week though I plan on getting going on a fun quilt for me with the newest line from V. and Co. These are burp cloths that I'm making with matching swaddle blankets for my friends with upcoming babies.

As I've progressed with my sewing I've found I need a ton more thread. This isn't a lot but compared to the three colors I used to stock I'm pretty happy with my selection and it's growing with nearly every project. This awesome thread organizer I found on Amazon here. I love that it was only $15 and it can close and be stored even vertically so it doesn't have to sit there on my wall/desk. Heaven knows I have enough clutter.

I also got these bobbin holders from Amazon. I love them! The foam keeps the bobbins in place even when my munchkins flip them upside-down and shake!! They come in a two pack.

I've been in love with many things I've found on various quilty blogs. One of them is the idea of quilt storage on a antique ladder. My hubby and I found one at our local antique mall and I had to have it! It's so sturdy and lovely. My kids recently used many of my quilts in a fort/picnic adventure so they're in the laundry pile but only two on there really shows off the ladder. The best part was the price at $45. I've also been in love with the idea of a pie safe for storing quilts but those are several hundred dollars a piece.

I also got this fabulous red rocker! I can't get over how perfect it is! I may not keep it red. The paint job leaves a lot to be desired so it needs to be repainted anyway. Maybe an aqua or something would be fun. The red does look awesome with my Ruby's quilt though. My hubby and I were talking about how my house doesn't really reflect my style and we were wondering why that was. As it turns out in our entire house - including shelving and storage - we only purchased 10 pieces. The two in this blog are included in that ten. The rest of everything in my house was given to us or inherited. No wonder it doesn't feel like me! The chair and the ladder are baby steps toward house greatness.

Finally, the giveaway! You deserve it after reading all of that. This is a charm pack of La Belle Fleur by French General for Moda. The package is a little beat up, it actually came to me that way, but the charms are all intact.
To enter the giveaway just leave a comment, anything will do but if you'd like a topic how about what color you think I should paint my new rocker?

One entry per person. While I do love my followers I don't want people following just for the giveaway. I will pick a winner on Wednesday and email you so please please make sure I have a way to contact you. If I can't reach you then you can't win. I'll post the winner in my next WiP post so you can check back that way too.

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  1. I love the burp cloths - they're so bright and fun - great combinations of fabrics and they'll be perfect gifts!!!

  2. I really dig the red chair AND the ladder (although my kids and dogs would certainly knock it over, repeatedly, every single day...). I also love those Art Bin thread storage containers. I have three of them now, one for all purpose polyester threads (for mending and home dec), one for 60 weight cotton embroidery thread that I use for hand applique, and one for silk and cotton machine quilting threads. Of course I still have a ton of machine embroidery threads that defy organization and could take up four or five of those storage cases all by themselves, but it feels good to have SOME of my threads organized so I can find them! I swear thread multiplies like bunnies when we aren't looking -- I sure don't remember BUYING that much of it!! :-)

  3. Love the burp cloths. Getting ready to make a few for my daughter. Also want one of those ladders. I sent my handy dandy son a link with "how to" make one somebody shared on a blog somewhere .... I'm hoping for mothers day.
    (sewystuff at gmail)

  4. I am red biased so no change here....

  5. Great burp cloths. I have just finished some for my 1 st grandson due in September. I love a country rich red so I would redo it in that color

  6. I vote that you paint your new rocker an olive green color. :) Thank you for allowing us to enter the giveaway! Cute little foxy hat by the way. ;) -Brittany

  7. That rocking chair is super nice! I kinda like the red to be honest... :-)

  8. Well, I like yellow, but not sure that would go with your own decor hehe

    I have made a note on the bobbin cases and thread organizer. I can use both.
    Recently I was able to buy my mother in laws machines for just $50 and that included all of her sewing stuff as well.
    I've had so much fun looking through it all....and this includes well over 100 spools of thread! Yay! I have every color I can imagine now.
    Plus I'm loving this project Runway sewing's the first computerized machine I've owned.

    1. p.s. I can't figure out how to not be a no-reply blogger, so my email is

  9. I like the chair being red. I think your thread storage is just the thing I need.

  10. I think the red chair would look good in white. :)

  11. LOVE those ladders! I need to get to an Antique market to see what I can find!! And your rocker is perfect the way it is! OR perhaps aqua - I love aqua/turqupise/teal!

  12. The red looks great against the color of your walls (at least in the picture!) and with that quilt in white aqua and red. But if you're not sure about red, paint it whatever color makes your breath catch the most often when you see it. :) It's hard to make choices when so many of your things are hand-me-downs -- I'm in the same boat right now, making choices for the first time for our home, and I don't really know what I want! It's such a nice dilema. Good luck!

  13. I like the rocker red goes great with your green walls. Thanks for the chance.

  14. Congratulations on 50.000 views! I have a rocking chair that I painted apple green and then stenciled with flowers. It's not sophisticated looking but it makes me happy.

    Congratulations! I love your red rocker (and the quilt!) , and I think aqua would be pretty too. I have a rocker that I painted apple green and then stenciled with flowers. It's not sophisticated looking, but it makes me happy! Thanks for the chance to win the charm pack!

  15. Congratulations!
    how about duck egg blue for your rocker??

  16. I think an aqua would be great!

  17. Hi. I do love aqua. Also, yellow might be pretty against the green wall.


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