Friday, October 10, 2014

Fancy Fox, Shark Hat, and First Knit Finish

I have a few fun finishes to share today. It's been a great week for getting stuff done around the house and craftiness. We also got our family pictures taken this week. I joined in the Hot Pad Swap and had so much fun. I both received and sent mine this week.

Here's my cute family. It's funny how I don't think there are that many of us until you get us all in a clump. The kids all love getting their picture taken and we went downtown Des Moines this time so it was super fun.

Here are my Fancy Fox hot pads. LOVE! I'm especially taken with the fox print from Picture Pie on the back. One of the hot pads is reversed so you can see it. They have different prints on the front.

Here's the loot I sent along. I was a little worried that it wasn't enough but I went for quality over quantity. My partner also asked for no food treats.

This is the awesome package I got in the mail! I adore the hot pads and the extras were perfect. She even went the extra mile to include stuff for the kids (which they loved). I'm especially taken with that chair pin cushion.

In yarn news I finished of another order. I love this shark hat and it was for an adult. She asked for exceptionally pointy teeth so I changed the pattern a little bit and I like it better! You can buy your own (or another awesome hat) in my shop.

I also finished my first ever knit project!! I'm so in love! I'm pretty taken with this whole knitting thing and right now I'm loving it more than crochet. I even learned the cool trick of binding off in pattern and used the invisible ending I know from crochet.

It's so cute and warm on too!

Even the kids love it! Well, mostly. #4/5 wouldn't try it on because it wasn't orange. ;)
Well, that's me this week. It was fun and I already started another knitting project! I'm linking up with my favorite places, TGIFF, Fabric Frenzy Friday, and Finish It Up Friday.


  1. Oh my goodness. I love that shark hat. I know several people that would be appropriate for. Only one of them might wear it though.

  2. The swap pot holders both given and received are great! And I always wonder too if I'm giving enough when I do swaps, so you're not alone in that. Great job on the knitted items! Knitting is one of my favorite crafts to do. I find I go through spurts between knitting and crocheting. Sewing though is something I always seem to have on the go.

  3. You've been busy, it all looks cool and I bet that scarf will be handy in winter. I adore that shark hat! And your family photo is delightful, what a great setting.

  4. Awesome family picture Julie! Such a cute bunch. :-). The knitting came out great... So funny that he wouldn't try it on because it isn't orange!

  5. Those fox hot pads are so cute, as is your family! I've only got three and I can't get them to all smile at the same time. Kudos!

  6. I love those little foxes. Wow, what a great swap! The hot pads and swag were first rate coming and going. I don't blame #4/5, I'm a huge fan of orange too.

  7. I love the fox hot pads! So cute!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party!


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