Thursday, April 30, 2015

Assorted Finishes

I've had a few finishes this week. Only one of them was on my Q2FAL list so we'll start with that one. They are quite the assortment.

The Octopus Sailor Top was number 13 on my Q2FAL list. I gathered my supplies and collected all my bravery. I've never made a shirt before this but was so excited.

I just ADORE how it turned out! Seriously, let's just take a minute to bask in the greatness. ..... Yeah.

I look so skinny in it too! So there are so going to be more of these in my future. I already have the fabric for the second one but I have other things in line ahead of it.

I just love this print so I bought extra on purpose. Well, my middle daughter is having a big project at school where she picked a zoo animal and is doing a presentation tomorrow. Her animal is an octopus and I just had to make her a shirt with my left over. She is so cute and we're both excited to wear our shirts tomorrow and hang out at school. I still have almost a yard remaining too so expect to see more goodies from this.

Excuse the awful picture. It was taken late at night with my phone. This is what I ended up sending to my Open Wide Pouch Swap partner. It was fun gathering and making things for her and I think it turned out well. I was worried it wasn't fancy enough but all the pictures in her mosaic were plain pouches that showed off the fabric.

This is what I got in return. SCORE!! This was given to me by the fabulous @spoolgoods. Seriously cannot tell you how much I love everything here. I adore hexies and all things Bonnie and Camille so the pouch was perfect. The candy and key fob were both things I love and I've been itching to get back into paper crafting and those other extras are throwing me that way in a hurry.

Last up for this week is my social tote. This was for the Sew My Stash Bag Challenge. All of the fabric and the interfacing came from stash - score! At this point I was really hoping I'd done the hard part. Not so much.

Getting to this stage I was feeling pretty confident. I love how the pockets and handles turned out. This is seriously one of my all time favorite lines of fabric.

Going from the last picture to this one was a nightmare. All told, I'd call this a successful failure. It reminds me of Apollo 13 in that I succeeded in getting it finished but nearly everything in the in between stages went awry. It was awful. There was stress, tears, stress and tears. I don't know if my interfacing was too thick or what but it was not good. Nothing would lie flat, trying to get the inside to attach to the outside was awful. Don't even get me started on the binding of it all. I sincerely hope it's me and not the bag and at the same time I hope it's the bag and I'm not a lost cause.

I'm amazed at how passable it looks in the pictures. You totally can't tell that me, the bag, and the seam ripper had a confrontation. I'm excited to have this sitting on my table and organizing my crafty tools. Right now they are strewn about and really hard to find. I'm going to make the matching pin cushion too. I imagine that's a lot less stressful. I'm linking this up with the challenge post.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my finishes for the week! I feel super on the ball and ready to attack my to do list even more! Next up are my Pin Cushion Swap project and the Alison Glass Mini Swap quilt! Until then I'm linking up with TGIFF and Finish It Up Friday.


  1. The matching shirts are just too cute!

  2. Oh I love both your shirts - I love that style of top as it's fairly forgiving on my post-3-babies-tummy so I shall have to hunt that pattern down! And the bag looks brilliant, I'm so glad it was worth it all in the end!

  3. I totally get the frustration of the social tote! I couldn't get the inside together, so you are doing much better than me! I put all of it in a craft tote to tackle at another time. Love the matching shirts!

  4. Awesome finishes Julie! I love that even with all the "challenges" you faced, you still pushed through and completed the bag! Good for you. And it really does look beautiful.

  5. For never making a shirt -- it looks fabulous and beautiful! Drooling over the fabric! :)


  6. You've had such a successful creative time. Well done on your finishes. I too love it when you find that 'slimming' garment. Definitely make more of those. Love your stash bag too. Visiting from FIUF.

  7. I love your top, I was looking at that pattern just this week. It looks great on you and good to have a finish off your very long FAL list. I'm helping Adrianne out with the FAL, so I am also to say this next part: I'm visiting as member of the official 2015 Finish Along Cheerleading Squad.


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