Thursday, April 2, 2015

Road 15 Quilt Finish

I finished another quilt! I'm loving the texture of this one and the fabrics. I'm glad to have it finished. This is number four off my Q1FAL list. This quilt was also made entirely from stash. I'm loving using all my stash and so is my bank account!

I used the Happy Weekender tutorial with a slight modification. I changed the number of charms in the border so I only needed two charm packs instead of three. I needed slightly more background yardage for this way but I think it's worth it not to have a charm pack minus four squares lying around. This is the second time I've used this pattern.

I think I made a bad call with the background fabric though. It blends too well with some of the fabrics and they get lost. Maybe a lighter or a darker gray would have been a better choice.

Here's a better view of some of the prints. I really love these. The colors are fun and the little houses, maps, and tree prints are right up my alley.

I quilted this with 1.5" increments and then bound and added my tag. I got some yardage with tags on them from Sweetwater and I just love them. Since they also made the Road 15 fabric from this quilt it was a pretty great match and the little house is just adorable.

I had SO MANY PROBLEMS quilting this one. You wouldn't think a bunch of straight lines would be harder than my last quilt with all the pebbles but it totally was. The spray basting just wasn't holding. I've spray basted for years and have never had this problem. It was so weird. I even used the same can of spray on a different quilt with no issues. The whole thing just came apart without me being aware and there were huge shifts and wrinkles. I had to unpick several lines of quilting and make do the best I could. Needless to say I'm happy this is over.

I love the pictures of quilts being held up, you get a really great view of the quilt. However, my usual quilt holder was at work so I enlisted three of my five kids, plus a bonus baby, to hold it up for me. They did a great job.

Even though the wind would get involved from time to time. The little one in the middle was to help keep the quilt more straight. They were quite the team.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to cross another thing off my Q1FAL list. It was looking pretty sad last week and now I've got six finishes! I'm linking up with TGIFF and Finish It Up Friday.


  1. Lovely quilt Julie. I actually like that the background blends a little with the prints in this quilt. And I'm really jealous that you guys are wearing shorts these days! I'm still wearing my winter coat to go out... Feels like Spring will never be here this year. :-(

  2. I never would have guessed you had so much trouble quilting this one, Julie. It turned out beautifully! Such cute prints and the backing was a perfect choice to go with the theme. The photos are fantastic! You have some cute, cute quilt holder helpers!

  3. I like the background, too. It makes it a calm quilt!


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