Friday, November 6, 2015

Christmas Runner Finishes

I finished my Christmas Runners and mailed out the swap packages yesterday. These were my last swaps of 2015 and I only have one lined up for next year. It was fun to swap but I think I'm going to enjoy selfish/family sewing for a while. This marks off #14 on my Q4 FAL list. Without further ado, the runners...

It was pretty awesome that both of my swap partners had the same tastes and liked Holly's Tree Farm by Sweetwater for Moda. I'm a big fan too! I got a Honeybun and sewed it into strips.

Then I cut little trees out based on the pattern found in the kit Sweetwater put together.

I added some white background and did some pebble quilting so it looked like snowballs. I didn't quilt the trees so they'd pop more.

Here they are finished! I was a little worried about binding those points but it worked out to be quite simple. I can't wait to make the quilt for me like this! It was hard to ship these out!
That's it for the week! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to finish up the Amelia quilt to show by next Friday but I have three people with Strep in the house so far, we'll see how it goes. Until then I'm linking up with Finish It Up Friday.


  1. These runners are beautiful Julie! I can definitely see how you would find it difficult to send them away. Great finishes!

  2. Very neat! Your runners turned out beautiful!

  3. I love that fabric line! That's what I've been working with this week, too. Great finishes!

  4. What a lovely couple of table runners. Your swap recipients should be pleased. Visiting as part of the 2015 FAL Cheerleading Team. Thanks for participating.


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