Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quilts for Kids: Start and Finish

 I first heard of Quilts for Kids from a friend who posted on facebook that she was so excited her kit came in the mail.  I thought it was pretty neat that she was making a quilt for charity and decided to find out more.  It's actually a really neat program.  They mail you a quilt kit with fabric (including backing) and a sheet of instructions.  You put the quilt together, add your own batting then quilt and bind it.  When you're finished you mail it back to them maybe with a quilt of your own as well.  How awesome is that?!  All it costs you is time, a bit of batting, and shipping costs to help a kid in need.  The completed quilts go to children with life-threatening illnesses or children of abuse.  There are even chapters in most large cities so you can pick up your quilt there and have it go to a child in need in your area.  Check out the link at the top of the post to learn more.  Enough with the spiel and onto the quilt. 

Here's my quilt kit complete with instructions.  They even did all the of the cutting into strips for me which was nice!

In the instructions they said it needed pretty heavy quilting to help it during multiple washings.  I decided to do a straight-line grid with lines every three inches.  It worked out pretty well being able to bisect the pattern but I had to draw a few lines with my ruler and marking pencil where there wasn't a seam to follow.

Making this quilt I got to use my walking foot for the first time ever.  I was pretty excited about that.  I got it half off at Joann's and it was really quite a steal at around $10.  It's amazing what a difference it made in my quilting.  The lines are so even and so straight and it was so easy to use.  In fact I think I sewed straighter with the walking foot than I do normally.

Here's the finished product.  It's a pretty simple pattern but it's fun.  I love how fast it was!  Start to finish (including quilting) only took me five hours!  Can't beat that!

Here's the back side.  I love the simplicity of the quilting pattern and how perfectly it turned out!
Thanks for stopping by and check out Quilts for Kids!  It's a great cause and they ask for so little for a child in need.


  1. What a great idea. I think I need to request a kit!

  2. Gorgeous! I need to post on my blog the one I made--well, that I mostly made and my mom finished because my sewing machine started pooping out on me. ):


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