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A Disappearing Walk in the Woods: Finish!

A Disappearing Walk in the Woods

Last night I finished my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt that was done all in the Walk in the Woods line by Aneela Hoey for Moda.  I'm in love!  That's not to say it all went perfectly but I'm so happy with how it turned out and that my little girl is snuggling with it in her bed right now.  Read on for how it all went down.

It all started on June 1st with this pile of fabric and a disappearing nine patch pattern I wrote up.  See the only other in progress post on this quilt here.  I got the idea here and ran with it using charm squares.  It took A LOT of charm squares. 324 to be exact.  I had a layer cake and bought four more charm packs.  I wish I would have just bought the charm packs because cutting the layer cake each way was a pain and didn't really save me that much money to be worth it.  I took those and sewed them in to nine patches.  I cut those in half each way and used from those 143 squares that finished at 6.5 inches.  The whole quilt was eleven squares by thirteen squares and finished at 71.5" by 84.5"   

On the 15th of June I went back to the quilt after a bit of a break and finished up the top.  I was very careful to get all the directional fabrics pointing up, that's one of my OCD tendencies and I would hate it if the wolves were on their heads or something.  I love the jaunty angle of this picture.

After a quick finish there it sat mocking me until the 25th of July when I went over to my friend Leila's house and she taught me how to spray baste.  See that blog post here.  It was so fast and easy!  I loved it!  Now all that was left was to quilt and bind.

Fast forward almost another whole month and on August 17th I finally got around to quilting it.  I just had my first attempts at free-motion quilting not too long ago (post here and here) and those were only on 12" squares.  I was a bit nervous to try something so large as a twin quilt but I wanted the practice and I knew my little girl would love it no matter how imperfect I thought it turned out.  I decided to do something simple and I made giant loops.  Each row of quilting covered a row of 6.5" squares and there were 13 rows.  I alternated direction of the loops on every row.  You can see a two row sample in the picture.  The loops aren't all the same and the stitch size varies but I still love it.  It gives it a meandering relaxed feel (or so my hubby keeps telling me).
I managed to bind it and finish it up after I quilted it on the same day.  I love the red dashed binding!  It's so fun and different from what I usually do.  My bindings usually blend in and are muted but I tried having this one stand out and I'm in love!  I don't know if I'll ever go back.

Here's my little munchkin all curled up with the finished product.  She's so excited to use it now and not just see it on the to-be-quilted shelf!

I even finished it time last night to have her sleep with it.  She was one happy girl when she found it on her bed all made up.

We have a really nice wooded trail by our house and I decided that would be the perfect place for a little quilt photo shoot.  We go on this trail all the time with our bikes or even just walking.  It used to be train rail but they removed that and made it for bikes/horses/walking a few years back.  I really like how this picture turned out with the trail leading off.

My sweet hubby actually took a little walk in the woods with my quilt and the camera to get this shot.  It's a bit of the trail but not too much.  It turned out great and so artsy!  I think pictures like this make my quilt look even better!  The picture at the top of the post was from his little walk off the trail too.
Thanks for stopping by and reading up on my latest finish.  To see all my finished quilts go to my Completed Quilts/Tops page.

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  1. That is lovely... Great job.. And it was a great idea totake photo of the quilt journey to be made up too.


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