Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Gearing Up!

It has suddenly hit me how little time I have left in the year to get the things done that I want/need to do.  I have a lot!  Thankfully I finished one of them yesterday so now I only (haha) have five quilts left.  One of them is for me so it will probably be bumped but that's still four that I need to get cranking out.  They are definitely a work in progress so I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday where Debbie is a guest blogger over at Freshly Pieced.

As always I like to start with the finish...

I finished this Christmas quilt for me yesterday!  I love it!  The picture is pretty fabulous too with the fall leaves in the background.  To read more about this one and to see more pictures click here.

Another goal is to get more caught up with my scrapbooks.  I adore scrapbooking but it has taken a back seat lately to quilting.  I am back in 2010 and feel horribly behind.  I do a scrapbook for each of my four kids and one for the family.  It's a lot of work but I love every minute of it.

I recently found out another friend is pregnant with a baby girl.  I happen to have these four cute fat quarters lying around so I added just a touch of yardage to them and I'm ready to make a baby quilt.  She's having a shower on November 3rd so I need this finished by then.  The pattern I picked is like a giant granny square and should go really fast.

My hubby's sister has been asking for a quilt for years, literally!  I found this fabric which I love for her it's Sentiments by 3 Sisters for Moda.  It needs to be queen size.  I had an idea for what to do with all these jelly rolls but I've since decided it's not my favorite so now I'm back to the drawing board with just a huge lot of jelly rolls to work with.

These are the fixings for my mom's quilt.  I adore this fabric and the pattern is really fun too!  I need to whip out the baby quilt and then get to work on this one.  I MUST have it done by Christmas.  I've already got half of the quilt top done with those pinwheel blocks and I need to make some stars with the other fabric.

This is Serenade by Kate Spain (love her!) and it's for me!  When it is assembled it will be a king size quilt for my bed, this one.  I seriously cannot wait to cut into it but there are so many other things that keep making me put it off.

This is Meadow by Blackbird Designs for Moda and will become this quilt for my mother-in-law.  I've been wanting to make this quilt but needed someone to make it for and I think it's perfect for her.  I need to get the other yardage but since she doesn't even know it's coming yet I think I can work on some other projects first and worry about the yardage later.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my LONG to do list.  I hope to get cracking on it and get some interesting things to read up here over the next few weeks.


  1. Hi Julie - your Christmas quilt turned out great! You are so ahead of the game for Christmastime :)

  2. You're so good to have a Christmas quilt done before December. I like your Kate Spain fabric too.

  3. You have alot in the works! Awesome finish though! And Serenade - that will be lovely! I'm doing a challenge later this month using most from that line, which I haven't had the pleasure of using before so looking forward to that! And cute fabric for the new baby quilt! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week, where I've had the pleasure of guest-hosting!

  4. Julie, I think you are so talented! I love all the many different styles and different skills you have! Love it all!


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