Friday, August 2, 2013

Cutting Like Crazy

I have a few of projects that I bought fabric for over the past week or two. As of this morning I had started to cut out the quilt but that is all. Well, now I have them all cut as well as some projects for my mother all in one day! I feel like a crazy cutting machine!

Here's the fabric for the Star Surround Quilt-a-long hosted by Melissa over at Happy Quilting. It was supposed to be done last Monday to keep up but hey, I had a baby on the 24th so I think I have a good excuse. ;)

Here's all the things I cut out today. I figured it out and I cut 7 3/4 yards of fabric today. There is the quit in the middle. Then the triple zip on the bottom right. Then the other three are all this cool basket organizer that sits on your sewing table. I will be making the quilt and the two on the right. The ones on the left I cut out for my mom.
I seriously feel like super woman getting this all done while caring for a newborn and the four other kids. Not to mention the fact that we also did school clothes shopping today! I may need to take it easy tomorrow to recover a bit.


  1. You really are Super Woman! Seriously... Lovely fabrics though. :-). Can't wait to see your progress on those projects.

  2. You are super women!! Great job!! And congrats on little Ruby Ann. Sorry I missed that post. So cute to see your family all there at the hospital together :)

  3. You are superwoman! I'm excited to see everything come together. Make sure you take it easy too :)


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