Friday, August 9, 2013

Several Small Finishes

I feel like super woman even though these are just small finishes they are a big accomplishment for me having just had the baby. I'm linking up with Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

I made the baby and I matching bracelets. It's amazing how tiny her little wrist is and this is a fun way for me to remember her tiny size.

Here are our bracelets together. These are glass beads and so fun and sparkly.

Her bracelet is so tiny it fits on my thumb! I just had to include this picture as a size comparison.

Since this is my third little girl this is the third set I've made. I thought it was fun to take pictures of all of them together. It's hard to believe my oldest girl, who is now seven, was ever this tiny!

I saw the pattern for this one on Pinterest and fell in love with it and I just knew the baby had to have it. It came together really cute and quickly.
 Now for a little baby photo shoot...

So cute on her! I love her expression in this one too.

Here's the headband from another angle. I love it because it's not tight so it doesn't squish her little head but it stays on just right.

I was in my local quilt shop with my mother while she was here and we saw the pattern for this little box and I knew I had to have it. You can find the pattern here. It came together in just a couple of hours and it is so cute! I'm not sure of the fabric but it is from Riley Blake.

It has a bunch of fun pockets in the inside to hold all my goodies and two zipper pockets on the outside.

The directions were clear and easy to understand and overall it was a great pattern.
Thanks for stopping by and celebrating my little accomplishments with me!


  1. Your daughter is adorable!! What a fun tradition to make braclets for you and each of your girls!! And that headband is perfect! Super cute little box. I can think of about 20 ways I could use it right off the top of my head!

  2. Go you! Super cute stuff you've got going on there. I can't believe how much you get done! I am still waiting for my little to come out....apparently she is very comfy in there :) But I have been fabric shopping, so I guess that counts for something haha!

  3. So many fun things. I love the matching bracelets, what a great idea!

  4. OMG! What cute baby pictures! Oh, wait, I am supposed to comment on the projects... They are awesome, too! :-)

  5. I love the bracelet idea, such a wonderful keepsake!

  6. What a great idea making matching bracelets for your newborn and yourself. They are so pretty! And the headband is way too cute! Of course it only looks great because your darling baby just enhances it more! The little box is cute too!

  7. Your little one is so precious and she looks so cute with her hairband. What nice finishes you've completed.

  8. Ahh, those bracelets are way too cute! Well done! And I love your basket :)


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