Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Finish: Hat and Quilt

I have been excited to start a few new things this week. One of them is already finished! I also finished one of the quilts I was working on so I could start another one. I'm so happy to share how they turned out.

One of my friends asked me to make some things for an upcoming grandchild. I'm so glad she did! This owl hat is the first finish on the list. I love the colors she chose. If you like it and you like to have your own you can buy it here.

I really love this Spring House quilt that I finished yesterday morning. It's so fun and cheery. This quilt is available in my shop here.

Here's a closeup of the fabric. I am not usually a bright colors kind of girl but I really love these. This is one of my goals for the Q1 2014 FAL (goal post here) so I'm really happy to have it finished!

The snow makes a perfect backdrop for quilt photos. There has to be something great about all this winter, right?

My next quilt will be made out of these fabrics. I am in love! It's another project for my friend who asked for the hat. I am so excited to get started on this one.
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  1. Love all the greens!! The snow definitely makes a great backdrop for this quilt!! Kinda makes me wish I had some snow for pictures. . . OK, not really!! haha

  2. Love the hat! So cute. :-). And the colours in your quilt are so cheery.

  3. That hat is so adorable and precious! Beautiful quilt! I love those colors!


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