Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WiP Wednesday: Catching Up

I've been sewing like a crazy person and finishing things up or making good progress on several projects but we were out of town on the days I usually have time to blog. So now I get to do a photo dump and tell you all the awesome things I've been working on for the last two weeks. I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.

So this picture comes with a question. The picture in the bottom right was posted with my first quarter FAL goal (post here). I wanted to make my oldest boy some lounge pants with this awesome fabric. Well, as it turns out this remnant that I bought was cut horribly crooked and there wasn't enough. So I made a pillow case out of it then bought some new yardage of fabric to make the pants. So the question is.... should this still count as a finish for the linkup? I think I'm going to since I used the original fabric and I made a pair of pants. It's like I finished it and a bonus.

Once he got some pants everyone else wanted to join in and get some too. I couldn't resist. Here they are all together.

First off - isn't my munchkin adorable?! I love her modeling skills. These pants are actually a pattern I tested for the lovely Jenilyn over at Grits and Giggles. I don't typically sew clothes but I just love her patterns! They are so simple and well written that even someone uncomfortable with 3D objects, as I am, can make them with ease. I highly recommend these pants. You can find the pattern here.

Here's my little guy in his pants. His obsession with all things orange and firefighters carried over into yet another creation. That two pillowcases, pajamas, a zippy pouch, and two quilts so far.

Here's the last pair. They are covered in adorable sparkle butterflies. The pants were easy to make but the sparkles are a nightmare! They are seriously everywhere. I am not loving but my little girl sure is. She goes to bed knowing she looks good. Can't beat that.

Next up we have a crochet baby cabbage patch hat I made for a friend's baby shower. I adore these hats! They are so cute on too. She asked for it in newborn size and she is going to have her week-old baby wear it in her pictures. I can't wait to see them! If you like the hat you can buy one of your own here.

I had another friend due one day before the last one and she asked for this adorable owl hat for her tiny baby. So cute!! I love the big eyes and the braided tails of this one. You can find it here.

My cousin ordered a few things from my shop for her new little man. This simple hat is one on the list - the others are at a really weird stage for photos so I'll have to show them when they are finished. I love the simplicity of this one and the awesome peacock sparkle yarn!

So two weeks ago I made some stuffed animals for my middle kids. This week we finally got around to making the two for the oldest. They even sewed them up with minimal help from me! I'm so proud of their budding skills! Their animals look so cute and they sure love them.

I saved the best stuff for last! I just love how this top turned out! It just flew together too. I stalled out on this one a couple of weeks ago when a couple of custom orders came in to the shop. It's my March ALYoF goal and on my 2014Q1FAL list so I figured I'd better get back to it and finish it up before the month is over! Now just to baste quilt and bind.

Speaking of custom orders this is one of them! My friend asked me to make this for her upcoming granddaughter. The only direction was lavender and light green. The lavender was pretty easy to find but the light green was another story. There is oddly not much to be had. The greens are all different shades and I hope one of them is the right color. I love the scrappy feel the fabric pull.

I finished the top this morning. While these fabrics were hard to find they are even harder to photograph. The colors never seem to be true to life. My camera has always had a really hard time capturing any type of purple (any help with this would be appreciated) but these greens were a total fail this time to. However, the quilt itself is lovely! I am pretty in love with this pattern. I found it in the Simply Fat Quarters book. It doesn't take very much and goes together quite quickly.

I couldn't resist an artsy one of the top. I really do love how this one came together. I can't wait to get to quilting it, hopefully tomorrow.
So that's everything. Now that spring break is over and I've kicked the strep throat in the butt (for the third time in as many months) I should be back to my normal blogging/sewing schedule and you'd probably won't be blessed with such long and all encompassing posts. As always thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, super busy! Been wanting to make my own pajama pants! So cute! I just love seeing everyone's projects and color combos - great inspiration! Gonna pop over and follow via Bloglovin!

  2. The pajamas pictures are awesome! :-). The little quilt is adorable - I love the lavender/green combo!

  3. Wow, what a busy Momma, I love all your work. I think the lavender and green patchwork quilt is a masterpiece.
    Dropping by from Freshly Pieced.


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