Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WiP Wednesday: Holy Quilt Tops!

Oh my goodness I was a sewing MACHINE this week! I made my blocks for my Supernova Friendship Swap and got them mailed out this morning. I also completed five quilt tops, only one of which was started. I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday as I've sure added to my list. I'm also linking up to Fabric Tuesday because this is quilt the fun collection of fabrics. Check out the pictures below.

I am so in love with these!! I can't wait to see this quilt come together. I'm so happy to be paired with Izzy and loved the peek at hers this week.

I also had a little vacation this week and we went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. Basically it's a theme park set around a cave and a late 1800s mining town. They had a quilt shop and I got this yardage of Good Fortune from Kate Spain and this fabulous fat quarter of Ruby by Bonnie and Camille, my favorite line ever!!

I have a lot of little kits I made to make quilts for my shop but I hadn't gotten around to them. This week I decided to just get them done! This was my first one: a Jelly Roll Jam quilt from the Apple Jack line.

I made another one too using the other half of the jelly roll. This one is more of the blues and aquas than the other.

I had a bunch of tiny scraps from my I-Spy quilt and decided to throw them together in a quilt. Well, I guess they're not tiny at 2.5" by 5" but they were too small to be charm squares. I like how it turned out even though it's a bit busy. I'm worried about the shape though. It's it too crazy long for the width? Should I take some off the bottom and make a zipper pouch or something with it?

I adore the Line Dance quilt pattern and can't believe that with one charm pack and a bit of yardage I can make this adorable quilt 41" by 49"!

Here's a closeup of the fabric on this one. It's Bluebird Park by Kate and Birdie for Moda. I love it! The colors and the prints are so fun!

I liked the quilt so much I made another one! This one is from the Chirp Chirp line for Moda.
It was a great week! Now I have promised myself I won't create anymore quilts until I baste and quilt at least half of these. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Holy Batman Cape, you were busy!!!! Any secrets? :D I love what you and Izzy are doing for your supernova, it's going to be a great quilt!

  2. Love love all of your projects!! Especially your ISpy scrap quilt! I think it's the perfect shape/length!! ♥

  3. Hello, you have been busy! I haven't gotten any sewing done this last week.

    Love the Line Dance quilts. It really does make a charm pack go far!

    The eye spy is not too busy at all - I mean it is, but is is suppose to be and I Love it. I would hate to have you unpick anything. Any more scraps to make it a bit wider?

  4. I really like that line dance pattern as well. On the eye spy quilt, you don't say the dimensions, but my thought is the only ones i like square are less than 40" like you'd wrap an infant in and carry it - for anything larger than toddler, I like them a good bit longer than wide, because after all, we're all (hopefully) a good bit taller than we are wide (though I struggle with that sometimes!LOL)

  5. Wow, you made a lot of progress! The eye spy quilt is great as is. I wouldn't cut a thing off it. Kids will love searching every scrap!

  6. Wow Julie - you ARE a machine! I absolutely love the Supernova block. I'm super excited and cannot wait for it to get here. Yours also got mailed today. :-). I'm gonna have to try that Line Dance pattern... I have a bunch of charm packs that are just sitting there!


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