Friday, August 29, 2014

Dining Chair Redo with Good Fortune Laminate

I have been really busy with family here and am just not getting to my post about the chairs we finished on Wednesday. I'm in love! I finished just in time this being my ALYoF goal for August. The first few pictures are what my hubby dubs the "gross you out section."

Here's a before of one chair and an after of another. I bet I don't have to tell you which is which!

Ignore my foot and look at that awesomeness by Kate Spain! I love the good fortune line and it looks so great on my chairs.

One last nasty picture, I promise. I had no idea the fabric for our stool was that white! We've had it for ten years and it has oh so slowly gotten darker.

Even the boys love our new chairs! Alex loves the orange flowers because orange is his favorite color. Spencer sat on one and said, "I am sitting on Kate Spain and it's nice!" Miya said, "She is really good at designing fabric. I'm glad we picked this one." Amelia finished our fun conversation with, "I want to spill something on it!" She wanted to try out the wipeability of it.

They look so good in my dining room and they really brighten up the whole room.

The stool is so pretty now and it cracks me up because I keep wondering who left my nice fabric on the stool in the kitchen.
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  1. Your chairs and stool look great, gotta love the kids comments : ) Hopefully nothing has been spilled on them yet!

  2. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Love what you have done. They looks so smart

  3. Looks beautiful Julie! How easy was it working with the laminate?

  4. Looking great! I love these kind of projects because you get to enjoy them every day :)

  5. Heh hehe heh ... I was just pulling your leg. The chairs look wonderful! I wish I had done something like that when our kids were young. I love your children's responses!

  6. Love it! Almost makes me wish we had fabric on our dining chairs so I could recover them in that gorgeous laminate!

  7. Followed you over from DIzzy quilt blog hop... love your work on the chairs. I have an ottoman I am going to be working on...cane and round, and I need to make a round pillow cushion for it and I dont' like working with circles! Hardest part is finding a round piece of plywood for the base. But I'll check back withyou for inspiration! Thanks!

  8. They look so great! I also laughed at your kids' comments -- especially about wanting to spill something on it for testing!


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