Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WiP Wednesday: Cut and Scrap

I have been soaking up the last two weeks with my kids until they go back to school so I haven't worked on much but I do have a few projects to share. I'm linking them up over at WiP Wednesday.

First off I finished up my Supernova blocks for the month. I was so early with these that the writing assignment wasn't even posted yet. We make two blocks a month, one for us and one for a friend, and we send them off with a letter containing an assigned topic. It's been a fun swap and I love seeing the quilt come together. Once I get my partner's block for this month I'll share them together. We have six of the ten blocks done so far.

I have the pieces all cut out for my first, of probably several, Cotton and Steel bag. I found a free pattern here that seemed like a great fit for carrying around my quilts.

Miya has her quilt all ready to sew together. There are 22 strips for the main body of the quilt and then it gets a border. She wants the main part sewn by her eighth birthday in 12 days. We'll see how that goes.

I've also got all my pictures sorted and ready to scrapbook my France trip from 13 years ago. I am so excited about this project now and my friend even found and emailed me an itinerary for our trip so I can get them all in order.
That's it for this week. I hope to have the bag finished to share on Friday because I'm really excited about this project. The rest of the sewing this week will hopefully happen by Miya and I'll try to stick to my scrapbook. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful Super Nova blocks! Love the fabrics you chose for the bag, looks perfect for carrying quilts!

  2. Love the block Julie! So funny that we both went with green this month AND both our WIP posts this week showcase our blocks. :-)

  3. The little twist on the supernova swap sounds quite special and I do love that block. I've only been able to "pet" the new cotton and steel at the LQS and am too afraid to distract myself by buying some. It'll be a reward for getting through a few deadlines.

  4. Love the green supernova blocks! These Cotton and Steel fabrics are popping up everywhere I must see if my LQS has some to ogle!


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