Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where'd My Moda Bake Shop Link Go?

Update: This problem has now been resolved. I let them know of the issue and this is the awesome response I received from Moda. I wonder if it is even from the same person as the ones at the bottom of this post?

modafabrics @julieschloemer Thank you for your response. We are also very happy to report that we had our developer look into this link issue and she was able to fix the .html links. Now the projects that have been pinned from our Moda Bake Shop should work seamlessly with our new site. We always appreciate questions and concerns so we can continue to improve our site to best fit our readers and customers. Thanks again and enjoy our new Moda Bake Shop.

Sometimes the phrase "epic fail" really fits a situation. While the newly redesigned Moda Bake Shop site is lovely it has a major flaw. All the hundreds (thousands?) of Pinterest links are now broken. All bookmarks also lead nowhere. It says "Page not found."

Yes, yes it is. Embarrassing and a huge problem. Every link that has ever been saved is now wrong. Every pin on pinterest, every bookmark on every computer, and even Google results lead you to the above page.

If you happen to remember the actual date of the post then you're covered. The new links include this extra tidbit of information. The old links just have the year and month. You can do a direct search on the Bake Shop's site but that's the only way you're getting to your tutorial - and that only if you remember what it's called. Otherwise you're forced to scroll through five years of recipes to find the ones you want - no thanks.
I only discovered this as I created a link earlier today and one of my lovely followers pointed out that it didn't work. I'm always double checking my links to make sure my sources are cited so I went back and sure enough, not functioning. It took me over six hours to solve the problem. You're welcome.

Would it be tacky to ask for some sort of reward for discovering this little tidbit of information? Maybe? Horizon Fat Quarter Bundle? A girl can dream.

Update: You can also make the link work by taking off the .html on the end of your link.

Before I wrote this blog I let the people at Moda Bake Shop know of my problem. Here's how that went...

julieschloemer @modabakeshop Your redesigned shop has changed all of your links. Thus all the pins and bookmarks that everyone has created ever are no longer functional. #fail 
julieschloemer @modabakeshop The new links include a day in the date while the old ones do not. Thus making all links null and void.
modafabrics @julieschloemer We do applogize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope you will still enjoy all the great tutorials all the Chefs have provided for Free. We are continually working on improving the site and we will do everything we can to make the site as user friendly as possible. Thanks so much for choosing Moda Fabrics!
modafabrics @julieschloemer We are sorry you are unhappy with the new site. All the tutorials are still available on the new site. The links from the old site ended in .html, whereas the new site they do not have a .html in the link at all. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. For example... OLD LINK: NEW LINK:
julieschloemer @modabakeshop it is not that I am unhappy with your site. It is that every link ever is now wrong. Every pin, every bookmark for EVERYONE. This is a huge deal and will affect your site a lot more than it effects me. Anyone who tries to follow a link posted before today will not be able to find it.

julieschloemer @modabakeshop I wrote a clearer description on my blog. Link in profile.

Their solution seems to be to make us all change ALL the links everywhere. Impossible and crazy difficult. It also negates all the work I did to save all their stuff on Pinterst and bookmarks. Sure removing that .html seems like an easy fix in theory until I have to go and do it for all my links and every other quilter everywhere has to do it as well. It seems like it would be much easier to have them figure out some sort of forwarding system. Right?

If you've ever pinned anything of theirs to pinterest this affects you! Thoughts?


  1. Did you tell them....hint hint hint "it took me 6 hours to fix" sigh...give me fabric NOW!

  2. I'm so sorry you went through that. Thanks for sharing the info on the links!

  3. Oops that's a bit of a mistake! thanks for the info, I have quite a few bookmarked. I think you deserve a fabric reward too!

  4. Because of this happening (all too frequently, with many sites, especially small individual blogs like mine) I have learned not only to bookmark the page/turorial/article, but to copy and paste into a word document (or save a pdf of) the main info for future reference. Also, I can then name the file/document something that I can find/remember. Rather than 'diamond quilt' I might call it "FQ_twin_quilt_diamond" to indicate size and what fabrics I need (vs layer cake or yardage, etc) .......

    Sorry you had to dig all that up ...... but thanks for doing so!


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