Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WiP Wednesday: Finish, Unpicking, and Starting

I had an amazingly productive week. My guild held an all-day sewing day on Saturday and I took along three quilts. I quilted and bound one of them that day. I also quilted another and bound it the next day. On a roll I quilted and bound the third on Monday. Since they are all on my 3QFAL list I have to share them one at a time. I'm starting with the one I finished on Sunday. I also made time to nearly finish a crochet order from my shop and spent HOURS unpicking quilting from my second oldest WiP. Finally I chose fabrics for my exciting things next in line. I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.

Here's my finish. This is #3 on my Q3FAL list. It's another one with the Line Dance pattern - love! This one was done with Chirp Chirp by MoMo for Moda. It has a great fall feel and I love the 1" straight line quilting. This is available in my shop here.

I love the backing on this one and that orange binding is so fun. I love a fun binding!

This is an order that just needs ears. It is a Sheep Hat which has to be my favorite one in my shop.

Here's the one I spent all my time unpicking. I had intended this quilt to be FMQing practice but my old sewing machine couldn't manage the tension properly and after 11 squares I decided it was too big of a mess to keep going. I was also frustrated with how my thread hid all the beautiful fabric. I've since given up on the FMQ idea and will probably do straight lines and get some solid or something more plain to try again later. It took me hours and hours to unpick all this and I should have just stopped when I didn't love the first square or two instead of pushing on.
I'm currently participating in three swaps/exchanges and I'm so excited about them! I have all my fabric and patterns picked out and am excited to get started.

This awesome fabric is for my partner in the IGminiswap. I am so excited about this one and have loved seeing what everyone is coming up with. Mine is going to be a paper pieced pattern from the book Vintage Quilt Revival.

The second one is a hot pad swap. I had these pieces partially sewn together for a different project that I went a different direction with. So now they are all ready for a hot pad with simple patchwork.

I forgot about this last one until last night (!!!). These are for my Supernova Friendship Swap. It was supposed to be a block and we usually mail on the 10th. Sorry Izzy! It's totally going to be late this month.
Let's see if I can keep up my productive streak and finish (or at least start) some of these things this week!


  1. You have so many fun projects going! Love the purples.

  2. I really love that line dance pattern. I've only made one but I hope to make more. It is so easy. I've seen several of them and with the right fabric combinations it looks totally different every time. And all your hats are just so dang cute!!

  3. I really like this Line dance pattern--I may need to put in on my list to make next time I need a baby quilt. Your colors make it look so fresh. And the back is adorable for fall.

  4. The block is going to be purple!!! Love, love, love! :-). I put yours in the mail on Monday this week. We are so close to being able to put our quilt tops together. Exciting!


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