Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Knit Hats and Sewing Progress

I have a sort of obsessive personality. When I find something that interests me I go after it all the way. This is especially true with craft skills. Less than two months ago I took a knitting class and now I'm like, "KNIT ALL THE THINGS!" I have made a little time for sewing and piecing and I should take a little break because there are may projects that need to be done but I'm having a ton of fun with it. Check it out...

Here's my first ever knit hat! LOVE! I love how classy it looks and how the patterned purl stitches make it look like dots. This was my third ever project and I'd only previously worked with bulky weight yarn so it seemed to take forever but it was fun. The double needles freaked me out at first but I quickly got the hang of it.

It's just so pretty! This is the Jul Hat pattern made a little less slouchy.

Having finished a hat I decided to conquer color changes. This is the Pom Pom or Knot Hats pattern by Spud and Chloe using some awesome bulky yarn.

Fun, right? I have enough left over to do it in the reverse colorway too!

And then from the front.

Having figured out color changes I decided to go for it with another idea. Personalized hats! My kids often misplace their hats and this is fun way to help them out. I have crocheted them all really fun one but never something this personalized. My little Amelia is over the moon about hers and this awesome purple sparkle yarn.

Not much has happened on the sewing front. I was waiting on some supplies to do the two pouches next on my list. It was so so cold that I didn't want to leave the house but we had an unseasonably warm day and I bit the bullet. Now I just have to stop knitting long enough to finish these up. I've set decided to finish these for my ALYoF December goal.

My little Ruby (age 16 months) has taken to sitting on my lap whenever I sew these days. It's quite difficult to maintain any sort of accuracy with a tiny curly head in my way so that combined with my knitting obsession equals not much progress with the foxes. I've got a nice pile of chain stitching building but not as quickly as I'd like.
So that's me. A knitting machine with sewing on the side. I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You're so quick with the knitting! And good too! I love the hats. Too bad you live so far... I would love to get some coaching from you on knitting in the round with circular and double pointed needles.


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