Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baste, Quilt, and Cable Knit

My crafty life this week can be summed up by three words: baste, quilt, and cable knit. I finished off my Lotus Pond quilt top, basted three quilts, quilted one, and did my first repeat of a cable knit hat!

Before we get to all that I have a giveaway to wrap up. helped me out with this...
#4 Happened to be SuperMomNoCape. Congrats! I'll let Kitty know and she'll send it right over. Didn't win? No problem. The Love Struck pattern is still on sale for $2 until Valentine's Day!

Here are the finished blocks for my Lotus Pond quilt. I used the "Vintage" pattern from Camille Roskelley's book Simply Retro. Please ignore the toys this was the only room large enough to take the picture and I had a tiny munchkin who was not interested in my cleaning up.
Oh, the Vintage pattern. I adored it until I put the top together. You have to trim the squares into triangles to square up the blocks and it made them super stretchy. Then when I added my border it stretched like crazy and I didn't notice until I had it all basted. Now I have to unpick the borders and sew them back on, but since it's already spray basted it will show on the back which means I have to work it into my quilting. Boo! I don't know if it was the pattern or just me and in general I would totally recommend it. It shows off the fabric so well and is so fun and fast and cute. It's just the stretchy triangles and the border that caused me grief.

Here's a bit of the backing for that quilt. Check out that near perfect join on the frogs! It made me smile.

To baste a quilt in my new house I have to move the dining room chairs and table, quite the ordeal, so I always wait until I have three to baste before I do it. Here are the three from my basting party yesterday. All three of these are Sew My Stash projects as I had the material for all of the front, backs, and binding just sitting around waiting to be quilts.

I already quilted the smallest one. It was so fun to do a double echo of the zigzag pattern. I'll definitely have to try this one again.

Here's a closeup of the quilting (not exactly perfect but close enough for me) and the adorable fabric. I got this a long time ago it's Family Tree for Moda. Hurray for another Sew My Stash project!

Since learning to knit in October I've been wanting to knit all the things! However, I haven't been content just to knit, I want to learn a new skill with each project. This time it's a cable knit hat. It's so fun!! Totally not as hard as I thought it would be but not something I can do while watching a show yet. I'm excited to see how this turns out!
 Anyway, that's me for the week. Expect to see a finish on that baby quilt later this week and it will knock off another thing from my Q1FAL list! For now I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.


  1. Wow, you were productive! I'm a crocheter and have been hesitant about learning to knit...I have too many hobbies already! Love your foxies, I seriously need to make one of those.

  2. I LOVE your Oh Fransson! foxes. They make me covet that pattern! And your Lotus Pond Vintage quilt looks amazing. I have considered that pattern before but always decided against it. Would you recommend it?

  3. I love your projects! I am just starting to teach myself to knit and can't wait until I am to the cable stage. You go girl!

  4. And I thought I had a lot of projects in the making?!? I really like the Lotus Pond quilt, and I think the toys add a little extra personality to it ; ) I have the Camille Roskelly book too. I have another quilt from the book in the works, but this looks like a good one to follow it up. Greetings from Germany!

  5. Wow! You're getting a lot done. My favorite photo is the one with the toys. They coordinate with the Lotus Pond blocks!

  6. I really like the double echo quilting. Very effective! I'm currently struggling to decide how to quilt the project I have basted. Starting with a giant square spiral in the middle now... ;-)

  7. I'm so excited to have won the Love Struck Pattern! I can't wait to make it. Thanks again to you and Kitty for the giveaway.

    I love how bright and colorful your quilts are. And good for you trying out new techniques after learning to knit. I love knitting and I've done my share of cable knitting over the years. It always looks so wonderful in the finished item.

  8. I adore your quilts, but am really impressed with the knitting!! You just learned in October and you are making things like that hat - WOW! Did you take a class or teach yourself? I may have to learn too!!

  9. I totally hear you about not having enough space to lay your quilts out. My floor space is limited too! Your quilts are all so pretty and that hat is looking really good!


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