Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Quarter FAL List!

As usual for me I have a crazy long but awesome list of projects I'd like to finish for my first quarter finish along goals. I know I won't get to them all but it's every so hard to try to decide what to work on when so I'm popping them all on the list. Adrianne from On The Windy Side has taken over the Finish Along for the year. Check out my list below then hop on over and see what everyone else is working on. If you haven't made a list and want to there is still time!! As always I have this list on my sidebar and I will link them up there when complete so you all can keep up with my progress. I love how this totally plays into my other goal for this year to Sew My Stash! Now on to the list...

#1 Ruby Crochet Blanket - Since she had her first birthday last Summer and I usually have these done before their birth I've feeling a little guilt about this one and need to get it off my list. I think I only have 11 rows which would be three color changes left.

#2 Miss Kate Swoon - The fabric is Miss Kate and I think it would be wonderful as a swoon quilt. I made a swoon block for another project last year and loved it. This one is going to be extra large though so it can go on my bed - four blocks square.

#3 Zigzag Baby Quilt - This one should be pretty fast and simple. I think it will end up being for my shop. Just a zigzag pattern with a print and white rectangle.

#4 Route 15 Quilt - This one has been pushed off for way too long. It will be one for me with the Happy Weekender tutorial I fell in love with.

#5 Route 15 Pillow - Made to match the above quilt. Should be quick, easy, and fun!

#6 - Knit Cable Hat - Since learning to knit in October I've become a bit obsessed and am having so much fun picking up new skills. I bought this yarn and got the free pattern from Purl Bee to stretch myself but it has sat like this for several weeks now. I would like it on my head this Winter.

#7 Peacock Pin Cushion - I loved the hand sewing of making my kids' stockings but wanted something fancy for myself that I could keep in my sewing room. Thus entered this adorable peacock pin cushion. Probably too fancy to use but it would be adorable on the ledge found above my sewing tables.

#8 Serenade Twists and Turns - I've had an on again off again relationship with this fabric and the Twists and Turns tutorial. I love them and would like to see it happen but I keep finding other things to work on. I'd love to have this huge bunch of pretty fabric as a quilt and not taking up so much of my shelf space.

#9 Orange Fancy Fox Quilt - My youngest son adores all things orange and foxes. This quilt is going to be epic for me. I have all the foxes pieced, binding made, and backing on hand. I just need to get it put together.

#10 Scrumptious Baby Quilt - I've had this fabric all cut out and ready to piece for over a year now. It just needs to happen. I'll be using this Pinwheel Baby Quilt tutorial.

#11 Dottie Mini - This was a total impulse buy at my LQS. I usually don't do that. It should be fun though. I think I'll try the pinwheel one in the middle.

#12 Halloween Dwell Mini - I know this is totally out of season now but I missed the blog hop this was supposed to be made for and would like to see my idea happen. This is probably the bottom of the list priority wise but I'm leaving it on here anyway.

#13 Sparklettes Quilt - Using Far Far Away II and Cotton + Steel Basics I'm going to make the first quilt in the Fat Quarter Style book. My middle daughter is over the moon excited about this one.

#14 Hazel Hedgehog Quilt - My eldest daughter is in love with all kids of animals and wanted an animal quilt. I'm in love with C+S Basics so the two combined should be pretty epic.

#15 Primrose Quilt - Ruby is about ready to trade to a twin bed. I was poking through the Fat Quarter Style book with her sitting next to me and she freaked out with excitement when she saw this quilt. She was bouncing around and pointing like crazy then patting and hugging the book. Ruby is currently 15 months old so this is pretty adorable sharing her opinion. I thought it was a one time thing but every time she's seen this quilt for weeks now she gets really excited about it. She even knows how to find it in the book now and won't stop for any other quilt. I decided to use the Miss Kate fabric from Bonnie and Camille because it will coordinate well with her baby quilt made from Ruby by Bonnie and Camille.

#16 Aviatrix Quilt - I'm sure this is biting off more that I can chew (especially considering the rest of the list) but I just can't help myself. This is going to be for me and AMAZING!!

#17 Vintage Quilt - Using Lotus Pond fabric I'm going to make the Vintage quilt from Camille Roskelley's book Simply Retro. I may or may not let my small people touch this one. We'll see how it goes. ;)
#18 Nana Pillows - My mom asked for pillows from this leftover bunch of Papillon that I used to make her this quilt. I'm excited about this!

#19 Simply Woven - I've had the fabric for this cut for over two years now. I really need to whip this one up and send it on its way. It's from the Simply Woven tutorial and will look pretty awesome if I ever get around to it.

#20 Vintage Modern quilt - Just to make it an even 20 I'll add this lovely bundle of Vintage Modern. I have been collecting and sitting on it for a while now and I think I finally decided on a pattern! On a Whim from Thimble blossoms has struck my fancy which is funny because she made the original with Vintage Modern.

Once again a crazy long list. I'm excited about so many of the things on it now and can't wait to get working! It will be fun to see what I get finished and what I end up working on not on the list - there's always something. I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.


  1. oh so many pretties! i gave up on goals this year. i'm just trying to keep on top of what's already going. really, all the stacks speak goals for themselves. =) good luck with your list!

  2. Wow, you're going to have a busy quarter!! I love the idea of doing oversize Swoon blocks for your bed, and the fabrics you've chosen are great - It's going to be stunning! Good luck with your goals!

  3. I love your list! I hope you get lots done and there are so many pretties to pick from no matter which ones get done they will be amazing!

  4. That's a ton of projects you've got there! I love your fancy fox blocks! Hope it all goes well . . .

  5. I love epic lists! Makes me feel less lonely.

    I cannot wait for your Swoon quilt. I did a four block square Swoon in Scrumptious and it is huge. And still needs to be quilted!

    Good luck on all your projects. That Posy quilt is a favorite of mine, so Miss Ruby has spectacular taste!

  6. Oh my goodnesss, so many projects and almost all of them are jsut fabric pulls right now? You're a brave soul. I know you can do it though. I'm especially excited to see how the foxes come out!

  7. I love that your 15-month-old is so excited for "her" quilt. My middle child (4.5) is my biggest fan and every single time he sees me working on a new quilt he says "I love it! That's staying here, right? You can't give it away!"

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with a crazy long list for the quilt along. The story about your little one picking out her quilt is so sweet! How could someone say no to that! Good Luck on the list!

  9. Impressive list - but the fabrics are so beautiful I can see the desire to complete will be very great! I made a quilt with 'Papillon' too - isn't it gorgeous!

  10. What an impressive list! I'm looking forward to seeing them as they are completed.

  11. Amazing list! There are so many things on that list that I cannot wait to see!


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