Friday, December 4, 2015

Small Christmas Quilt and Cowls

 I've been having so much fun working on Christmas themed projects and presents. It's made my crafting time even more enjoyable, if that's even possible. Today I'm going to share the smaller of two Christmas quilts I've been working on and the six cowls I've finished in the last two weeks. First, the quilt...

I love this little quilt! I'm making this Holly's Tree Farm quilt from a kit and had some leftover strips. I didn't want them just lying around so I quickly turned them into a lap quilt. It is about 40" by 60".
I backed the quilt in green minky. It's the first time I've ever tried minky on the back of a quilt and it was easier than I thought it would be. I used a TON of spray glue to baste it and probably could have used a bit more but the quilting went okay. I did the stripes from the same Holly's Tree Farm line for the binding. I love how festive it looks, especially with the green back.

I read somewhere less is more when quilting on minki so I used the serpentine stitch on my machine and went every three inches. You can see it on the green at the top. I used a solid green on the back and variegated thread on the front both from Aurifil.

It really fits with the feel and color scheme of our other decorations and I just love it to pieces! Now I just have to finish the larger more complex quilt to match.

I was amazed when all five kids crowded under this one! They always like to try out my recent finishes but I didn't even think it would be big enough for me let alone five small people. It was adorable and I can already tell this one is going to be loved.

Speaking of love, one of my Aunts just entered the LDS Missionary Training Center to prepare to serve the people in Scotland and Ireland. I'm so excited for her! My mom mentioned that she didn't have a lot of warm stuff being from California and asked that I make her two cowls. I was so happy to help. This is one of them in cream. I tried new yarn, that I didn't love, but the end result is so cute!

Here are the two cowls for my Aunt. The yarn for the red one was awful. I cannot even tell you. It was like a chenille and there was so much drag! Even on my metallic addi turbo needles it was just so slow. Add this to the fact that I had to unpick it six times at various stages I'm just happy it's over. The shape is wrong but it is still warm and super fuzzy.

Before and after my Aunt's cowls I made these four cowls for my oldest kids. The smallest one is getting the Care Bear Pillow I shared on Wednesday instead. These I loved! For the girls I found chunky Red Heart yarn on sale at Joann's. The boys I used three strands of their favorite colors from yarn I had on hand. I'm so excited to give these to them as Christmas presents. They've all loved my cowls so much and have been asking. It was sure hard to work on these in secret and get them finished without anyone seeing them.

Here's a closeup of one of the three stranded cowls. I used red, orange, and yellow for this one. It is for my youngest who really adores all things orange, fire, and firemen. I thought this would look like fire and it is even better than I imagined!
That's me for the week, thanks for stopping by! I have a few more presents to finish and share as well as a small Knuffle Bunny quilt that I'm so excited to finish and share! Until then I'm linking up with Finish It Up Friday.


  1. Good to see someone else has been super-busy! Your cowls all look fabulous and will be sure to be warm; nothing keeps your entire body feeling warm than no draft on your neck right?! Love those Holly's Tree Farm colours too. I've quilted quite densely (swirls, ribbon candy, etc) on Minky with no issues at all. Love it.

  2. Love your quilt. Did you use wadding as well as the minky?

  3. What a perfect way to use a lot of fabric yet an easy pattern!! Great job on those cowls!

  4. I like that small quilt! And those cowls are fabulous. I know what you mean about Christmas making - I've been working on presents for a couple of weeks now and I'm having so much fun!


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