Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Care Bear Finish, ALYoF, and other WiPs

This is a multi-tasking post today. I finished another thing off my Q4 FAL list - #19 the Care Bear Cross stitch. I'm also going to cover my ALYoF goal for the month and my Christmas Quilts I've been working on. First, the pillow...

My youngest is two and she adores all things Care Bears. These are her two bears, well, one she commandeered from her sister. She drags these little things around everywhere and cannot sleep without them. I saw this Care Bear pattern and had to have it for her. I ended up turning it into a pillow for her bed.

Here's a closeup of just the bears. This was such a fun pattern to work on. I love the detail on their little belly badges.

I used a Micron pen to write on the back of the pillow like a quilt tag. I think it's fun to know when and why things were made. You know I make so many things I can't possibly keep them all in my head. This was also a cute way to preserve my handwriting for her.

Next up is my ALYoF goal for December. My kids all want mini quilts for their animals, dolls, and things. I figured I'm make it really simple since I had to make five. I'd like to finish these before Christmas. They are all made from a mini charm pack and just need to be quilted and bound. Easy peasy, I hope.

Speaking of Christmas this is my Christmas quilt I'm working on right now. I super puffy heart love this!! I have one row complete and have to make nine more for a lap/twin size. I already have all the stuff I need to finish it but time. I hope to find some of that too before Christmas.

I had a bunch of strips left over from the above quilt and didn't want to add any more to my stash so I sewed them up into a nice lap quilt. Here it is all basted with a minky back.

I read somewhere that less is more when quilting on minky so I went with a serpentine stitch every 3"ish. I used a variegated thread from Aurifil and really love the colors and texture it gave.

I'm up to the binding stage on this one. I have attached it now I just need to flip and stitch. I hope to have it finished by Friday to share.
That's me for now. A lot of Christmas themed or Christmas gift sewing going on here. That's means more finishes to come! I also have several cowls to share later in the week. Until then I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. so much cuteness going on! i love the mini quilts for your kiddos for christmas. i've made a few and they should be an easy finish for you. my 7 yr old just made one herself in a day or two. and your christmas quilts are adorable! but those care bears + cross stitch - that's right out of my childhood! really, really fun. happy finishing on the christmas stuff.

  2. great project. love the idea to make the quilt instead of just throwing strips into the stash!

  3. That Care Bear pillow is adorable!!!!

  4. Your work is very inspiring! Good luck accomplishing your Dec. goal!

  5. Those Care Bears are sooooo adorable! I too "sign" my gifts - I don't always make quilt labels, but I do sign my name and date all my quilts somewhere on the back.

  6. Your Care Bears are wonderful - my daughters loved them as well!! I try really hard to label all my quilts (that's all I make) because I have some from my great-grandmother (and some may be older) but with no information on them, I really don't know for certain. Minkee can take heavy quilting with no problem and remain soft and wonderful - I love to quilt heavily and all my grand kids have quilts with minkee on the problem!! Love your goal for the month! Good luck achieving your goal!!


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