Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old Projects in their Own Home

Last week I went to visit my Mom and sister Katie.  While there I got to take pictures of some projects that I completed but didn't get pictures of or didn't have very good ones of.  I made the quilt 10-12 years ago and just never got a picture of it.  It was on of my first and quite difficult for my skill level and the tools I had at my disposal but I tackled it anyway.  It looks a little improv but it's not, I just wasn't that great back then.  ;)

I wonder how much of my struggling with this quilt was me and how much of it was the pattern being crazy hard.  Each block is about 8" x 10" so you can see just how TINY the windows were.  I had to cut out each little teeny tiny piece and sew them together.  It was painstaking!  I'm pretty proud that it turned out as good as it did.  Looking at it I feel like I should try again with my more updated skill set but I have so many other projects and my mom still loves it.

My Mom and Step-dad have decorated their kitchen in chickens.  When I saw this crocheted hot pads I couldn't resist.  Here they are in their proper homes.  I just love the chicken hooks holding them up!

Here's the Momma chicken propped in the beak of another.  I think they just look so great in their kitchen that I couldn't resist sharing a picture.

How seriously adorable is this Sock Monkey Hat on my sister's baby!  I just can't stand how much I love it!  It's supposed to be Newborn size and she's 2 months now and it fits her pretty well.  I can't decide if she has a small head or if I just made it too big.  It's so hard to tell with babies.

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