Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skill Builder Sampler - Restart

Several months ago I found out my friend Leila over at Sewn by Leila was doing a Skill Builder Sampler.  Basically she brakes quilting down into beginner language and teaches different skill starting basic and working toward more difficult blocks.  Currently she is on block #26.  I joined in on block #10 but never really progressed with it in spite of her fabulous tutorials.  I struggled to find the answer as to why I wasn't into it because I had great interest in the project.

Recently I decided it was because of my fabric.  Each time I had to do a block I'd go through my three tubs of fabric to try and find the perfect one that also coordinated with other blocks I had previously finished.  It was a painstaking process that I rarely took the time to do.  So, today I went out and bought the fabric I needed to do the whole project.  Now I only have 12 to narrow it down from instead of who knows how many scraps.

Here are my new fabrics... I also bought a 12.5" square ruler and I just LOVE how easy it is to work with.  My 6" X 24" is kind of bulky in my small workspace.

I was sort of going for a rainbow thing but I adored these two grays and just had to work them in.  I combined orange and yellow and made room in my 12 fabrics for some gray.

After reading all her fabulous starter posts like basic tool requirements and fabric care I was ready to get started.  I briefly wondered where to begin and decided to start at the very beginning - a very good place to start (think Sound of Music).  Here is Block #1...

I had done some similar things to a Log Cabin but I've never done a true one before so this was interesting.  I think it's funny that I've tackled some pretty advanced things like a Double Wedding Ring quilt - post here - but skipped over the more basic blocks.  I really like how it turned out especially since it was exactly 12.5" square!  I struggled with that on the blocks I've already done for the sampler.

After finishing the first block I just couldn't wait to get on to Block #2!  Here's my version...

I think the block turned out really well and I love the colors within each 9-patch but I don't know how I'm feeling the colors on the whole block.  It seemed good when it was all laid out but now I just don't know.  I like the contrast between the dark blocks and the light blocks so maybe it's okay.  Either way I'm super excited at how well my corners lined up and that I didn't have to use my fancy 12.5" square ruler to trim it down at all because it was the PERFECT size!

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