Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Back from Boston!

Last week I missed WIP Wednesday because we all took a trip to see some of my family in Boston.  I had a great time visiting with My Mom, Step-dad, Sister and her family.  While there I managed to whip out a couple of things and I made a few more since returning so I'm excited that it's WIP Wednesday again!

Not pictured - I made two more of the green crochet necklaces.  Go near the bottom of this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about.  My mom and sister each wanted one and I couldn't resist whipping them up while I was out visiting.

My Sister's baby was getting blessed at church and she wanted super-soft booties to go under her dress.  I was excited when I found this pattern because it was actually a pain finding tiny booties in a free pattern to make her.  I don't mind shelling out money for booties I just didn't have the time to wait for the pattern to be emailed to me.  They turned out cute and as soft as she wanted them.  They stay on pretty well when next to skin but with tights they kept slipping off which was a bummer.

I had some extra yarn from the booties - they used so little - so I decided to make a matching hat.  I bought another skein of variegated super-soft yarn and started with the pink and ended in the multi.  I love the pattern and it turned out great but like previous hats for this particular child it was slightly too big.  I have made a lot of other hats recently and they all seem to fit just fine but this baby I can't make a hat to fit her head at the right time, it's just a little too baggy and slippery to stay on for long.

Here I am holding the sweet baby in her hat.  She looked so pretty!

My husband said he would help more around the house if he knew what he should be working on.  He even bought me a fun Chore Chart Cricut cartridge to help me along.  I don't know if I made it the wrong scale, used the wrong paper, or what because the little layers were TINY!  Some of them I just omitted because they were too small to work with.  That being said I think it's just fabulous and it has helped amazingly with out cleanliness already.  I made it yesterday and I got two gold stars for each day as a reward for completing my chores.  I'm thinking about some sort of reward system if I do all of them for the week but I haven't come up with what yet.  I'd take suggestions.

- No picture - crochet afghan.  I did two more rows but it hasn't really changed since the last picture so I didn't bother with one this week.

- I restarted the Skill Builder Sampler!  See this post for the explanation of why this was a necessity.

Block #1 - Log Cabin

Block #2 - Value 9 Patch

No progress:
• Cape Ann Quit
• A Walk in the Woods Quilt

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Completed projects - 5
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Currently in progress - 5

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