Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Can't Get Enough!

Hurray for another week of productivity!  I finished the second crochet dress, bought a bunch of yarn for a new project (can't get enough crochet apparently), and finally purchased the fabric for my Mom's new quilt.  I'm so excited for my finish and my new projects.  I'm super-duper over-the-moon excited that I have some new followers.  I love all nine of you!  I'm also jazzed it's WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Let's start with the finish...
Another one bites the dust!  This one was so much faster than the last attempt.  I started it on 6/3 and finished today 6/13.  Ten days is pretty dang good if you ask me.  I also already knew what it was supposed to look like so that helped a lot.  I found the stitches were easier too.   I have no plans to make another one but that's what I said last time so I guess you never know. ;)

Here's the detail.  It's so pretty!  It's funny though because you'd think the bottom being all open would go faster than the top which is pretty solid but that's so not the case.  The bottom took about an hour for each flower row, less for the other ones but still a good chunk of time.

And here's the back.  I opted for the shorter length again but then decided it was too short for this particular baby, she's a big girl for her age, and added a few more rows.  Thus, it ended not the short length but not the long one either.  It should hopefully hit her mid-calf.
- A Walk in the Woods quilt - I made one of 13 rows.  I was going to take a picture but it's really difficult since it's crazy wide but not at all long.  It only took me about ten minutes so I expect that quilt to go together pretty quickly this week.
- Nana Papillon quilt - I bought the fabric!  I'm so excited!  I bought it Friday from (love them!) and they shipped it out yesterday.  I'm doing the American Pinwheels pattern found on Moda Bake Shop written by Crystal from Hendrixville.  Hopefully I get my Walk in the Woods quilt done before this stuff gets here.

New Projects...
- Crochet baby hats.  I'm loving the Rosie's Cozies charity that Betsy from The Dainty Daisy is doing.  I think it is truly inspired.  Two of my boys were in the NICU after their early births and I know what it's like to have a sick newborn.  So I bought a bunch of yarn and decided I'd take her lead and make some for my local NICU.  I'm pretty excited about this and even though I kind of need a break from crochet after that big dress I may just jump right into it away.

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. The dress is beautiful! I really admire crochet. I can't start because I don't have anywhere for a yarn stash. ;) Happy WIP Wednesday!


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