Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WiP Wednesdayand TNT Thursday: Minor Mishaps

 I find that sewing, especially when I'm doing it, is filled with minor mishaps.  Nothing too life shattering but just enough to frustrate and then excite when they are overcome.  I had a week FULL of those.  I know I'm not alone as I've read about these on several other blogs recently.  I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and with TNT Thursday at Happy Quilting where I know I'll find people who know what I mean.

Here's the story...

It all started with the Tetris Charm Swap.  It is my first ever fabric swap and I'm so excited!  I got my fabric from The Intrepid Thread last week and excitedly started cutting the 112 5" squares in each color.  Sadly I cut six of the red one 4" x 5".  I was so upset!  I only had enough fabric if I did it exactly right.  I was stressing out and went to Melissa from Happy Quilting to tell her my problem and that I may be a little late getting her the fabric.  I went back to The Intrepid Thread to get some more red to be shipped to me and they were sold out.  I shot them a quick email to see if they really were sold out or if Julie had enough for six charm squares she could send me.  Julie saved the day!  Not only did she have enough she sent it to me, including shipping, for FREE!  Yup, she's my hero and just earned herself a VERY loyal and happy customer!  In the end I got just what I needed and the crisis was averted.

Then we had our next crisis.  I have never seen such a huge spider in real life before.  I've seen ones that cover a larger area with long legs but this one was beefy.  My hubby was out mowing the lawn and spied this spider on our wagon.  He grabbed a jar and put it in there.  Seriously I wouldn't have been able to get that close to it.  The very thought makes me shudder.  You see all the tiny baby spiders all over the jar?  It wasn't like that when he first put her in.  She was huge and had a furry back.  A while later my daughter was looking at it and said she thought they might be baby spiders, sure enough they were.  At the point when I took this picture they had moved off the mom and were all over the jar.  We didn't know what to do with it now.  If we opened the lid they'd be everywhere and we couldn't squish them all.  The thought of this nasty anywhere near my house was not appealing so in the end we just threw it in the trash, jar and all, for the trash man to pick up today.  I was happy to see it go and wish them a happy life in the dump.

I'm on the last three blocks of the Skill Builder Sampler by Leila over at Sewn.  This is Block #34 - Newport Compass.  I found the pattern here for 99 cents.  They have a lot to choose from but I loved this one.  It's paper pieced so it looks pretty good but it wasn't without it's mishaps either.  When I paper piece I love to cut my pieces much larger than necessary so I don't have to worry about lining them up perfectly.  Well, seeing how these were the last blocks in the series I was running low so I had to cut them smaller than I'd like.  This led to several unpicking sessions after I didn't align them properly.  It all worked out in the end and I just LOVE this block!

Last week I started making hats for preemies in the NICU.  I had a lot of fun and made nine (post here).  This week I decided to make some for newborn sized babies too.  I had two babies in the NICU after their births and they would have been too big for the little hats.  I didn't have a pattern for the larger size so I had to make one up myself.  This led to a few unravels but in the end I got it just the right size.  Also I adore watching TV while I crochet and my lack of attention led me to a couple of missed stitches that I had to unravel back to and fix.  Just minor things, especially with a hat this small everything is minor, but a bit frustrating in the end.

Through this week I learned that stuff happens and there is usually an easy solution.  Either grab the seam ripper, email you new favorite fabric store, or unravel that yarn.  The world keeps on spinning so don't let it ruin your day and just try to make the best of those minor mishaps.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Sounds like you managed your mishaps just fine. That moment of realization is just the worst though. Many a time my husband has heard me from my sewing room say something like, "Did I just do that? Seriously? Tell me I didn't. Oh crap. I did." You are SO not alone!

    Love all your projects - those NICU hats are 100% adorable and newborns would love them too.

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday and have a great week!

  2. Beautiful compass block! I admire you for paper piecing, I have yet to conquer or even give it a fair shake. I had too many mistakes on my first attempt to attempt again!

    I love that the fabric store actually saved the day. Love hearing stories where customer service is so above and beyond. I have never shopped there, but I will bookmark them!

  3. Did you identify that spider!
    Wow is it big!

    Happy Sewing and knitting

  4. Yikes! That's a scary spider. I don't blame you for just throwing it away. I don't know that I would have been able to touch the jar though!

    I'm loving your paper pieces blocks. Your making me want try out that skill. I've got to work on that skill builder quilt. Sounds like there is a lot to learn!

  5. Julie is totally amazing!!! I just love her to death!!! Your Compass blocks is so amazing. I am with you, I like to cut bigger scraps as well :) And oh my goodness, those hats are the most adorable little things in the whole world!!! Love them to pieces!!

  6. Oh that is a scary spider! We have had a spider problem lately, not sure if it was the lack of a winter that made them so bad this year. I love Intrepid Thread, ordered my first package from her last week and it came so fast. I love when stores really connect with customers! I will be ordering again from her soon.

  7. That spider is so huge and gross. I'm going to send the link to my sister who studied some entomology, she might be able to find out what it is. Yuck.

    I'm so glad you were able to get the extra fabric to replace your squares! How awesome is that? I would have been kicking myself too. Glad it all worked out.

  8. Here's what my sister said on Facebook:
    Yeah, that's a big, ugly spider. It looks like a big wolf spider, and I know wolf spiders carry their babies on their backs/abdomens, so that's probably what it is. Nothing too exciting. Here's a video!

    I didn't know mother wolf spiders got that big. I'd rather not ever see one. Gross.

  9. That's an amazing story about the fabric, how fab of Julie at The Intrepid Thread! You have been so busy and I love your compass block :)


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