Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Caught Up and More!

 I FINALLY caught up with the Skill Builder Sampler.  I'm so excited!  Most of them look just perfect only a few were off but mostly it was minor and I'm happy to say my skills have improved.  I'm equally happy that it's WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and I can use the link up as a means for sharing my achievement with a larger audience!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week I finished my last five blocks to catch up on the sampler.  There are only three left in the series and the tutorials for those have yet to be written.  I love them all!  Also this week I started and nearly finished my disappearing nine-patch quilt done in A Walk in the Woods fabric line.  LOVE!  It's so crazy fast!  I started it on Friday and by Sunday I was sewing the rows together and only three hours away from a finished quilt top (that has sadly yet to be finished).  I also started another crochet gown.  This one is for a nine month-old baby girl that is going to use it later this month.  I've been a busy bee again!

Now for the fun part...

Block #33 - Mini Lone Star - Okay, I have NO idea what happened to the middle of this guy.  No clue at all.  Notice the little 3D lump?  Hopefully Leila can help me fix it because I really don't want to start over.

Block #14 - Crazy Quilt Block - I was saving this one until near the end because I knew I'd have a bunch of otherwise useless scraps and this block is perfect for those!  I'm not typically a crazy fabric kind of person but this was fun to make.  I just went crazy!

Block #23 - Drunkard's Path.  I saw this idea here and loved it!  So when it was time to make the drunkard's path block I decided to make the blocks 3" finished and create the scales pattern.  I love how it turned out and I may have to make a bigger one someday.

Block #24 - Curved 9-Patch - I love this block!  It was so easy and fun and it turned out perfectly!  I will be making this one again!  I love the sampler because it introduces me to blocks that I don't know that I would have tried and some that I wanted to badly.  I learned what ones are great for a whole quilt and others that are so not worth the effort.

A Walk in the Woods Disappearing 9-Patch (first found the idea here).  LOVE!  Seriously, for so many reasons.  It's fast, super duper easy, and it looks awesome!  This is only after three days of my slave-driving daughter insisting I'd work on it at every moment.  Once I was relaxing on the couch and she said, "You shouldn't just sit there, you should relax while working on my quilt!"  She was so sweet while she was saying it, it didn't sound as harsh as you might think and I couldn't resist.  I was hoping to get it done but I've had so many other things to do.

Block #22 - Flowering Snowball - This is seriously the block that did not want to get made!  The template was horrible to print.  I literally tried 12 times to no avail.  In the end Leila printed it up and I got it from her.  My block did turn out perfectly square, which I love, but it's square at 11.75" instead of 12.5", bummer!  I guess I'll just have to trim it down and add a border.  It's so fun either way!

What?  This again?  I know I just finished one here but I couldn't resist making another one for another friend.  One of my good friends from church and her family are going to the temple this month to be sealed together.  As a Mormon I believe that families can be together in heaven.  Going to the temple to be sealed one of the most important steps to ensure this. Want to know more?  Click here.  I am super excited for them!  While in the temple they are all supposed to wear white.  I thought it would be fun to make their 9 month a crochet dress so she could keep it forever.  When I suggested this to my friend she was so excited.  I only have a week and a half to finish it so I'd better get moving!  The last one took me 14 days but it was smaller.  I have the top half done here and I'm about ready to start on the flower skirt.  It's much faster the second time around.

Hop on over to the WiP Wednesday post to see what other crafty people have been up to this week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lots of cute stuff going on! I've had that "lump" before - if it isn't too bad I just ignore it, hehe. I figure once I quilt and wash it nobody will ever notice.

  2. Hopping over from the Wednesday madness. The disappearing 9-patch is amazing: it looks incredibly intense to make until you work it out. Clever you! JJ

  3. Lots of great projects here! I really like your drunkard's path.

  4. I love your skill builder blocks! I have been eying that layout for the drunkards path and I really think I have to make a quilt like that. Your block is wonderful!

  5. Love your blocks! I want to make a scallop quilt like that someday. The flowering snowball looks great too. Why oh why do printers not want to cooperate sometimes :/

  6. LOVE that Drunkard's Path layout!!! I have never seen that one before. Great job on your We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler blocks.

  7. I think that Walk in the Woods quilt is gonna look really cute when its finished!

  8. Love the new blocks. I'm especially in love with the curved ones. Hopefully once I stop moving to a new house every 6 months I'll get a chance to work my way through the skill builder blocks!


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