Thursday, July 26, 2012

TNT Thursday: Spray Basting

 I have a bunch of quilt tops lying around and I wanted to try spray basting.  I've never attempted that before so I was pretty excited to try it out.  Before I would use two by fours and tack them down then pin the quilt and remove it to machine quilt.  It was kind of a pain.  I'm linking up with Melissa at Happy Quilting for TNT Thursday because this is totally new for me!

Here I am taping the back down.  Sadly I don't have a floor large enough to accomidate a twin quilt so I invaded my friend's house with my four kids to play with her four kids and she taught me the ins and outs of spray basting.  It was so fun and helpful! 

Here's the first quilt all basted and ready to go.  LOVE!  My friend Leila told me to put a pin every 12" or so on the top.  She said it wasn't necessary it's like "wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time."  Cute analogy!

Here's the second one.  The pattern is found here.  It was more of a pain to baste than the first.  I got the backing taped down with the help of Leila's oldest daughter ( I think she did better than I did) and then I got the batting sprayed on.  When I was nearly done spraying I ran out of spray glue (bummer!) . Thankfully Leila had some more.  Sadly I used up all of hers too before we were done.  I had to pin the top on to the batting.  What a pain!  If there was anything that could have shown me the value of spray basting it was doing both ways back to back.  While pinning every 4-6 inches I ran out of pins, seriously what else could go wrong?  So I have them all pinned right on one side and then just enough on the other side to make it not fall apart.

In the end it was quite the adventure and I'm thoroughly sold on spray basting!  Hurray for trying new things!


  1. I really need to try spray basting!! I have thought about it so many times. And I am sure I won't go back. Although, I do like listening to a good book on CD while basting. It is a nice little time set aside when I don't have to think about anything else :)

  2. It's really important to have good ventilation--and some of the spray basting mediums continue to off-gas for quite a while.
    I've found much greater success spraying the batting than spraying fabric.

  3. Good job! I really like your spiraling quilt. Super cute.

  4. your spiral top reminds me of snail shells :) both quilts are super!

    I seem to be the opposite of the basting trend - I have been spray basting my quilts, but I'd like to learn to pin baste, hehe

    I've also run out of spray mid-quilt before, and had to leave it taped to the kitchen floor for a day or two while I hunted down more spray :)


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