Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Craftiness is Contagious

It appears that craftiness is spreading through my house!  It started with my daughter wanting to do "a needle pulling thread."  She's making these two adorable stuffed bears from a kit we found at Target.  She's doing so well and going to enter them into a talent show at the end of the month.

My oldest daughter sewing like a pro!

Then my hubby joined in.  He cracks me up.  He said, "You know how there are those enabler husbands who join in the craftiness by sewing or even making quilts?  Well, I don't care that much but I would like to support you by learning how to wind a bobbin."  It took a while to stop laughing before I arranged it.  As it so happened I needed a bobbin wound right then so he started right away...

I was switching to a new color of thread and needed a bobbin wound so he had to start by threading the machine first.  He said, "this is harder than it looks!"  Then he got the bobbin ready.

My bobbin winds on the top of my machine so here he is starting out.

He LOVES to watch when I wind my bobbin and is sad when he finds out he missed it.  It's a fun quirk.  This time he was so close to the action I think it probably made it better.
So... you better be careful if you don't want to share your crafty supplies because if it is as contagious as it is at my house we're all in trouble.

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