Monday, April 22, 2013

In the Scrapbooking Groove!

I have just been a scrapbooking rock star this week! It all started after my last post on Wednesday.  I am currently scrapbooking pictures from 2010, so I am a bit behind but not that bad.  Well, I want to get at least 2010 finished for all four kids and the family before the baby is born the end of July.  I am nearly in my third trimester and that has lit my fire.  The scrapbook below was empty on Wednesday and now it has January through November (I haven't printed December yet) all finished up!

I love the scrapbooks at Hobby Lobby and this is one of them.  So after five days of work it's now about 2" thick.  Not too shabby!  I tie a ribbon color-coded for each child on the binding and put a little tag with their first initial and the year stamped on it.  It makes it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.

Here's the first batch.  I finished these Thursday morning.  I always type out my captions because they can get pretty long but between putting together the layouts and the caption stage they sit in a giant ziplock to protect them from tiny hands.  I can only fit about 10 layouts in my ziplock so it forces me to stop and caption.

This is the second batch finished Saturday morning.

I glued the captions on the third batch Sunday night.  With eight in the first batch, ten in the second batch, and eleven in the third batch that's twenty-nine layouts in five days.

Here are a few close-ups of my favorite layouts...

I love how this one turned out!!  The paper is fun and the cricut cut cupcakes stamped with CTMH stamps are so cute.  My favorite part is the little candle which was the actual candle she blew out on her first birthday three years ago.  I'm so glad I put it in a safe place where I could find it when I finally got around to scraping that page.

I like how this one is all jaunty and the tiny filmstrip-esque pictures on the side.

I love the bows made out of skinny strips of paper on this one and the fun coloring of the paper.  It's still Halloween but a bit unexpected.

The letters and the stamped flower are fun in this one and I just love her cute little face!
I hope to start my oldest daughters scrapbook today and if I'm half as fast as I was with this one I should be done with 2010 in no time!

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