Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sewing with Ruby for baby Ruby

 After a year and a half of owning the fabulousness that is Ruby by Bonnie and Camille for Moda I finally got to cut into it. I was saving it for my baby girl I hoped to have and she'll be here the end of July. I went from a bunch of cut out pieces last week to a finished quilt top this week and a few other small projects.

It all started with a WHOLE bunch of chain piecing. I was so impressed with how long this was I had to take a picture.

I then stopped the piecing and had some fun with the center block of the quilt. I adore how it turned out. I used a regular font on my computer, printed out her name and a few flowers I googled, then I raw-edge appliqued them on and stitched around the edges.  Well, most of the edges. You may notice, maybe not, that I missed the center of the R. I totally did not notice and moved on with the piecing. More about this later.

Here's the full top all finished. Isn't it lovely! I followed the All Framed Up tutorial found on the Moda Bake Shop.  I loved it and while there was a whole bunch of piecing for the size I really like how it turned out. The quilt is 40 inches square.

When I was sewing the final seam of the quilt the back-side of the center block was up. I happened to glance over and noticed how well I went around all the letters but then I noticed the R didn't have the center. Uh oh! I had to go back and go around that bit while wrestling the whole quilt instead of just one block. It was a bit of a pain but I'm glad I caught it before it was quilted.

Next in line is this fun fat quarter bundle for my oldest boy. It's Pirate Matey's for Riley Blake. I got them all pressed flat and ready to be cut and I hope to get to that this week. I'm doing a fun pattern for this one from the book Simply Fat Quarters.

Last week while poking around blog land I found this post from Dizzy Quilts. She made the awesome Open Wide Zippered Pouch out of some Ruby fabric and I knew I had to have it. I happened to have a few fat quarters of Ruby and mixed them with two other cordinating fabrics and made two zipper pouches.  They are so awesome! For one thing they really do open wide and I made the large version and you could almost fit a car in it. Well, not really but anything else you had in mind would do. As my dad would say, "It's a good and valuable thing - you can put stuff in it."

Last this week I very nearly finished this sweater for the baby. It is crocheted and pretty darn cute. I just have to do the edging on the sleeves and weave in all the ends. I love the colors of the yarn but I really don't like how infrequently it changes color, it makes the sweater look weird. In a blanket or something it might work. I keep telling myself it's cute anyway.
That's all for now. This week I hope to cut into the pirate fabric and get a quilt or two going from that. I also hope to crochet the hats I had planned on doing last week. We'll see what happens. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your quilt top for Ruby is adorable! The fabrics are perfect for that style of quilt.
    I'm with ya on the chain piecing, sometimes i hang them in the window for a day...or two, my husband is constantly coming home and asking what the heck i'm doing!


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