Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WiP Wednesday: UFO No More!

I accomplished so much this week! I took out a collection of blocks that I finished June of 2012 and put them together into a finished top! I'm so excited! I also finished up one of my 2010 scrapbooks and several crochet projects. It's been a crazy week and I'm linking it all up with Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.

 I'll post in order that I worked on them. I kind of jumped around a bit...

This is part of the Skill Builder Sampler series I worked on last year. These blocks sat in a box since the end of June and I finally bit the bullet and put them into a quilt top.  I put them in the order that they were made so theoretically it goes from easiest to hardest top left to bottom right.

Then I finished up the scrapbook of my eldest daughter. I have pictures printed through the end of November that I've had sitting around for two years! I'm glad to have marked that off too.

Here's my favorite layout from that batch.

I love her cute scrapbook. It looks so thick!

Since I do five scrapbooks every year I needed some easy way to tell them apart.  Each one is color coded and they get a tag with their first initial and the year stamped on it. I can remember which one is which but this sure makes it easier for everyone else.

I crocheted this adorable sweater for my baby due the end of July. I was so excited to make it to match the sock monkey set I did last week. I found this adorable and FREE pattern here. Sadly I didn't look at the yarn requirements for the pattern and it came out HUGE. It needed baby sport weight and I used worsted weight. Thus a 3-6 month sweater turned out to be more like a 2T. It's still super cute and should fit her during the right season, just not this year. I think it might be easier to make a new sock monkey hat to match than another sweater to match the sock monkey hat.

This white blanket has been in the works for what seems like forever! I kept working on it but never seemed to get anywhere.  On Sunday I just sat on the couch and finished the whole thing. I'm so happy with it! I found the pattern here for free and it was so easy to follow.

Here's a bit of a closeup with the fun edge. I was so close to running out of yarn but I made it all with a one pound skein.

An artsy picture just because it is so cute.

I went to my LQS and they were so helpful! I just sat there while the woman helping me brought me all kinds of bolts to compare to my quilt.  It was so fun and easy! I went in thinking one color combination would be fabulous but with all her help I went a different way and I'm loving it. This is the green I picked for the binding and it's all ready to go!

Here's the sampler quilt all pieced together.  I just love the yellow border. I was thinking red or gray at first but the yellow is fabulous! My friend Leila who also came up with the sampler series is going to quilt it this week and I hope to have it finished and bound by my next post.

I have just entered my third trimester with this pregnancy and things are starting to get exciting. When I move around too much or try to work too hard I get crazy painful contractions. I had two premature babies and lots of preterm labor with other children. To keep this baby baking I have to spend a lot of time resting. I got this nice pile of yarn to keep me entertained while I sit around. I am so excited about what I have planned and am loving that creating cute things for my baby is helping her stay in longer.

My mom has this fun little tree that she decorates for every month/holiday. For Mother's Day she asked for some crochet flowers for her tree. I whipped these up pretty quickly and think they'll be just perfect for her.

I tend to hoard yarn a little bit so I got all of these fun spring flowers from my stash.

I made this adorable dress for my little baby and finished it in two days. I just love everything about it! The pattern was $3 and I found it here. It was more or less easy to follow. Creating the flap for the button the wording was a little weird but I figured it out and love the end result!
That was my crazy week. I've been thinking about posting more so my WiP Wednesday posts aren't so overloaded but then I get all excited to work on the next thing and it never happens. Maybe this week. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So much fun stuff!!! Love the sweater and the matching hat and blanket in the last post! I need to crochet again. And your sampler is Amazing! I can't wait to quilt it tomorrow!

  2. You have been busy. Everything looks awesome! I need some of your energy and motivation sent my way!

  3. You are a real busy bee! Wow, wonderful cute projects!

  4. What a great sampler quilt. Really nice work.


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