Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WiP Wednesday: Fabric Ecclecticity

Yeah, so I totally made that word up in the title but it fits for this week's post. I was all over the place this week but it was all fabric related. I finished up Ruby's quilt, got some fun fabric in the mail, made a bag, and very nearly finished the pirate quilt top. It's been a great week and I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.

First the mail...
For once someone was more excited than I was about fabric mail! This bundle of goodness is All Fired Up by Dan Morris for RJR Fabrics and will be a twin size quilt for this little man. He found it in my craft room brought it out and with a little help set it up for gazing. He's in love with fire trucks and this couldn't be more perfect for him. He is three and sat there for probably a half hour telling me all about each one. Then, he had to bring it upstairs and have it sit by his pillow as he slept and lugged it around with him the next day. Now that's love! I also got some pigeon fabric in the mail this week see this post.

Now for the finishes...
Ruby's quilt became a finish this week when I added the binding. I adore it! I can't wait to put her on it and get a picture next month!! For more about this one see the full post here.

I also made this fabulous tote bag. I'm in love!!  It is going to carry our toys and things for church. Although it could probably fit more than just that, it's huge! (13" x 14" x 7") I took the measurements from this market tote and put it together like the open wide zipper pouch finally I added handles in a way not listed in either of them. I am so happy with the results.

It was a bit tricky in the middle there getting it together because it is so large with so many different layers and it needed a zipper and handles. I detest bags that can't close especially when, like this one, they need to hold lots of little things that could end up getting lost in my car. So I decided to add a zipper which made following the pattern I got the measurements from impossible but luckily I had just made these pouches (you'll have to scroll a tiny bit) and followed that one instead.

Finally the fun pirate work in progress...
On Saturday I finally got all the pieces put together for the pirate quilt. It seemed like this step took forever!! I wasn't really motivated and my little man stopped checking in every day and thus it took longer than it really should have. When I reached this point I was pretty excited though and quickly picked a layout and got ready to sew them together.

Now I have a very nearly finished pirate top! I love it! All I need now is to press the vertical seams and then sew on the top and bottom border, so close!! I have no idea how to quilt this one though. Maybe a meander like the Ruby quilt or some straight lines? Hmmm, we'll see.
Thanks for stopping by! I have a crazy week without including crafting this week but I hope to finish up the pirate quilt and quickly put together the Star Wars quilt that is calling my name! Maybe pictures of that next week!


  1. Oooooh, I love the fireman fabric too! My brother is a fireman. Can't wait to see when it's all done up. Don't you just love it when they get really excited about the little things in life?

  2. Loving the pirate quilt and the bag! So fun :)

  3. Wow you have been busy! Love the bag! :-)

  4. That bag is awesome! And I love the pirate quilt top, that is such a cool design!

  5. Love the pirate quilt pattern. Nice work.

  6. The pirate quilt is a great one! Wonderful job.

  7. Awesome WIP's Julie! And that tote bag, genius and stylish. :)


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