Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Recap and Fresh Sewing Day!

I just adore Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily's Quilts. It's so fun to see what people have been working on over the past month and to link up with fellow bloggers. I did a lot in the month of May. I'll break it up into categories to make it easier.

I'm also linking up with the Small Blog Meet for bloggers with less than 50 followers to get to know each other and show support. LOVE!

2 Finished Quilts
I make this quick quilt for my friend's baby due later this year. I love it! See the finish post here.

This Skill Builder Sampler was quite a long time in the making. I finally finished it up this month with the help of my good friend. See the finish post here.

1 Quilt Top
This quilt is for my baby Ruby coming the end of next month. I made it using Ruby by Bonnie and Camille for Moda, seriously couldn't be more perfect. See the top finish post here.

I couldn't resist a closeup of the center. It's so fun!

1 Pillow
I am making my oldest a pirate quilt and had a bunch leftover from his fat quarter bundle. With it I made this pillow and the baby quilt above. See more pictures of the pillow here.

2 Triple Zip Bags

Oh my goodness the triple zip love! I had only made things with zippers three times in the past (two earlier this month) and so I was a little nervous but it was easy and so fun! See the post here.

I couldn't make just one! Here's the tutorial.

2 Open Wide Zipper Pouches
I saw this open wide zipper pouch on a blog I follow and I needed to make one for myself, or two. One now holds all the girls bows (quite a feat) and the other will go in the diaper bag to help keep it organized.

1 Sock Monkey Hat
I just adore these hats! This is the fourth one I've made from this pattern and I love them all! I was unaware the gray was variegated until I was working with it but I think it turned out alright.

1 Sleepy Owl Hat
The same woman designed this fabulous Sleepy Owl Hat. I bought the patterns at the same time but this is the first time I got to use this one. It was so fun and fast to make.

2 Sweaters
I thought I would love this sweater a lot more than I do but I bet it will still be cute on the baby. The proportions seem way off even though my measurements are spot on. The arms are crazy long and the variation in the yarn is crazy. Anyway, you can find the pattern here and maybe just use different yarn.

I just adore this sweater! It turned out bigger than I expected but still fabulous! I can't wait to poke it on the baby!

1 Dress
I was so excited about this dress! It looked so cute and fun and was pretty easy. The pattern is here.

1 Blanket
This blanket seemed to take FOREVER! I was so happy when I finally finished it! I love the pattern (found here) but I don't know that I would attempt it again.

10 Flowers
I whipped up these cute little flowers for my Mom for mother's day. They were just perfect for the tree she keeps up all year and decorates for each month.

Paper Crafting:
20 2-Page Layouts
I started my son's scrapbook for 2010. I am a bit behind but it's not too bad. I just love the look of these layouts!

These layouts completed the 2010 scrapbook for my eldest girl. It feels like such a huge accomplishment!

1 Finished Scrapbook for 2010
This is how I keep my scrapbooks straight on the shelves. They have a color-coded ribbon with a little tag that has the child's initial and the year stamped on it.

This month I hope to quilt my Ruby quilt. Finish twin-sized pirate quilt for my little man. Start and finish the Star Wars quilt. Complete my rainbow crochet blanket and do some scrapbooking. It should be a full month again! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow! You have completed an amazing amount of projects and they look terrific! Your sampler and baby quilts are gorgeous. All the best to you and yours with the new baby coming!

  2. Wow you've got some much done this month! Well done x

  3. What a busy month, do you not sleep? (Visiting from the small blog meet @ Lily's quilts.) Love it all bust especially the ruby quilt and owl hat.

  4. busy busy busy and so many fabulous projects. I vote you most productive May 2013!

  5. Wow what wonderful projects! And congratulations on your forthcoming baby, what a wonderful wardrobe she(?) has already! X

  6. All this in one month and pregnant at the same time?! Wow! I LOVE the Ruby quilt - can't wait to see the 'new baby on the quilt' photo!!

  7. Amazing! I love the name Ruby -- that was my first choice for baby number two, but funnily enough, she just didn't look like a Ruby when she arrived! The triple-zip pouches are amazing -- I must have a go!

  8. Love all these projects and especially that you made a quilt for Ruby, using Ruby.

  9. Oh my, you were busy this month. Your list of finishes is really impressive. All such gorgeous projects too. The wide open pouches are awesome. ;-). Thanks for the link!

  10. Oh, where to begin? I LOVE your Ruby quilt top (I hope she looks like a ruby when she come out!) I've seen quite a few projects using Ruby that I like - I might have to bite the bullet and buy a charm pack! I also love your triple zip bags and the red cardie and lilac dress are too cute for words! I wish I could be so good in so many crafts :-(

  11. Wow you have been busy! The RUBY quilt is so pretty :)

  12. OK, now wait a minute....when do you sleep? Great projects!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow! Do you sleep ever?! What an amazing collection of makes! I love the quilts and the Ruby and those little crochet clothes are adorable :)

  14. Incredible finishes! You've put together an amazing amount of work this month, and it's all beautiful! :)

  15. Wow! You've been really productive this month. I especially like the Triple Zip Pouches.

  16. I love the stationery triple zip bag and the baby blanket looks gorgeous.

  17. Wow you have an amazing finishes list there - i love Ruby's quilt and the pirate pillow, can't wait to see the pirate quilt! Seeing all the fab triple zip pouches is making me want to make one - even though I've never made anything with a zip before! Well done! Visiting from Small Blog Meet. :o)


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