Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WiP Wednesday: Crochet. Baste, Quilt, Bind, and Repeat

I got a lot accomplished this week. I love it when my hubby is available to hold the baby and I can sew - sew - sew! I made three bindings, then basted three quilts, quilted two, and bound one and a half. I also made two crochet hats ( one of them several times) and added more listings to my Etsy shop. Phew! I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.

I'm one of those people who love making binding. I think it's fun and fast and it looks so fabulous when it's done. I use a pen to roll them up and then put a pin in it. The rolls make them so much easier to work with and keep them nice and neat when I'm not working.

I just adore spray basting. It wasn't until last year that I knew such a thing even existed. I basted three quilts during nap time where before it would have been an all day event.

I got my first order from someone I have never met. It was so exciting. This is an adult/teen hat. I really love this owl hat!!

I also got a custom order for my shop. My friend wants her son to go as snoopy for Halloween so I made this adorable hat. Well, I actually made it four times. The first time was too small. The second was double crochet and I didn't like how it looked so open (I followed the pattern that went with this hat and it wasn't fabulous). The third one got left at her house when I was trying it on her son and this is the fourth. So this either makes me look like a totally unorganized person who doesn't know what she's doing or someone who is seriously committed to customer satisfaction.

Here's a top-ish view of the hat. Love!

I also put my first quilt listing in Etsy. The hardest part was trying to decide how much to charge for it. Seventy seemed to be the median going rate for one this size with fabric of this quality. We'll see how it works out. As a side note I was pretty funny in this listing mentioning that the baby wasn't included and referencing that little serving suggestion in the bottom of the photo like on a cereal box. I crack myself up.

I did a zigzag machine binding. The thread matches so well you can hardly see it but I'm pretty proud of it and it looks crazy sturdy.

This one is also for my shop. It has been basted and quilted and the binding was sewn onto the back. It's so close!
Even with all of that I didn't quite finish all my goals for the week. Maybe I aim too high? I still have some book blocks that I wanted to work on. Hopefully I'll get to them this week.


  1. I love that snoopy hat! So cute! The quilt is adorable and I love the way you put it up on Etsy!

  2. OH! Do you use a binding maker or do it by hand? I have a maker and I have not been brave enough to try.

  3. Some pretty projects there and good luck selling your quilt.

  4. Your hats are fabulous. The quilts are adorable.
    I have the same problem trying to price my quilts. I have not even opened an etsy shop... Want to do that next week. I think you r orice is very reasonable!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. You got so much done - I have got to look into spray basting - I'm a safety pin person at the moment and have two lap quilts to baste. Love the hats - the snoopy one 4 times over is brilliant!

  6. You got a ton done! Love all of your projects!


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