Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WiP Wednesday: Winner and Changes

I had a great week! If you're a regular follower you may notice the blog changes. One of my good friends made me this awesome new header. I'm in LOVE!! The colors are so perfect and it's all, dare I say, so Julie?! I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday.

I also picked a giveaway winner. However I don't really know how to copy the image from So out of seventeen possibilities #13 won who was Janie. She has been emailed and I hope it will get there in time for Mother's day, wouldn't that be fun? The question for my giveaway was what color I should make my new rocker. The overwhelming response was to leave it red. I was really interested in an aqua but come to think of it that color would look pretty odd with my green walls. This dark red is cute and may be the best choice!

Now onto some actual projects...
I started this new quilt for me. I'm in love! The background color is what I was thinking for my chair but I may have swung back to red. This quilt is going to be the Honey Honey Layer Cake Quilt over at the Moda Bake Shop.

I also finished this pillow. I'm in love! It's the same Color Me Happy fabric and background as the quilt I'm working on. This pillow was so fun and FAST! I made it from the Contact Print Pillow tutorial found at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Here's the back done envelope style with this fun print from the collection.

Here's a closeup of the pillow and you can see the quilting. I did a bunch of straight-ish lines in the background strips. I love the texture of this one! This fabric is one of my new favorite lines too.

This week I also made this cute little zipper pouch. Isn't the fabric so cute on this pouch?! I don't know any little girl that could resist it.

My five year-old daughter is going to her first birthday party and we're all so excited. I asked the girl's mom for suggestions and she said she loves all the things I make and would love something crafty. So my daughter helped me pick the fabric and the zipper then we filled it with cute stickers and a princess glitter-filled ball. It should be fun.

Ruby thinks she's a big girl now and can sew with me. I bet it's more fun for her than how we used to do it.

She wanted to try sewing for a bit. I was worried I'd run over her fingers so it's not moving but she sure looks like she knows what she's doing.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope to get more work done on that quilt for me this week but my hubby's vacation has ended and he's now headed back to work. Who knows what I'll have time for as we try to readjust.


  1. I LOVE your contact print pillow done up in color me happy. It's fantastic!!! I love the background color you used! Nice work!

  2. Very cute pictures... She's a cutie :)

  3. Love the cushion and what a cutie

  4. Love your projects this week, especially that Color Me Happy pillow! it's perfect.

  5. Love the new header :-) Looks like you've been busy!! So great you have a little "helper" !!!

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  6. Love the new look! Looks great! Contact cushion and the little zipper turned out so cute - as is your little assistant!

  7. Nice new header! I really like the colour you chose for your pillow. And Ruby is just so adorable!! :-)

  8. Is that turquoise pillow for sale? It would look great in my living room!


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